Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2nd Pday letter (MTC Week 3)

Hey Family!!!!

So ya I am officially in the MTC for the 2 weeks at this point. It is pretty stinking awesome, I am loving being here. It is technically my 3rd week and it still feels like yesterday that I came in. It is ridiculous that I am actually out here. First of all I have to say that I am having a lot less time to write letters than I had previously anticipated. It is nuts how busy they keep us. But still it is good.

So now onto your questions:
Yes, I did get Katie's cookies, and also the nutter butters yesterday and I was pretty stinking happy, I can't even tell you.

Gym time is pretty varied. My zone has been playing a lot of sand volleyball mainly because we want to take off our shoes. It feels so nice. But ya I have had a chance to play some basketball and the ball here in the asian zones is pretty intense. I love it.

Korean is coming along pretty well. It is so different in that I have to learn a billion different conjugations of all the verbs to make everything work and i have to know when and how to honorify stuff and that type of thing. It is pretty annoying sometimes but It will come in time. I however can not do anything that is not Gospel related It is depressing but I figure that I will pick that up when I am actually in Korea (although I am going to try and learn some while I am in the MTC for 9 more weeks). Long story short it is difficult but good.

I am not sure about Elder Miller's plaque, maybe their ward is just not as diligent about it as ours is? I dunno you will have to check with the other stake haha :).

I know there are a ton of other questions that I have been asked and I am just going to have to say that you will need to be patient with me. It is hard to find time to write letters. Most of my time is devoted to language and scripture study. But I am trying hard, trust me.

So, I just wanted to let everyone know that as of Saturday, the 2 districts that me and one of the other new guys were over combined and I am officially the District Leader over both. Talk about no pressure, I am just trying to not die from all the Korean much less having to deal with District Leader stuff, but I am trying my best and hopefully things will go well.

So I wanted to tell you all about Sunday, it was our first Fast Sunday in the mission and I got to teach a lesson on hope in District meeting. It was pretty scary considering my branch president (신회장김) was there but afterwards he said I did a good job so I am content. I was then asked by one of the sisters in our district if I could give her a blessing. She has been struggling with the language and is quite nervous from what I can see. I was able to give her a blessing though and it was cool, the spirit actually led me to tell her that she would be able to "command the language." That was awesome, she said afterwards that she was feeling better already :). (Tender mercies :)) So later that day one of the other sisters in my district got really sick (Fast Sunday is brutal apparently) and asked for a blessing. Elder McCausland annointed her and I sealed the annointing and gave her a blessing. Again I was led to say that "she would be healed." It was miraculous, she recovered enough to where she was able to get up and walk to the Devotional and sit through the devo. (However the next day they did have her go to the Health Clinic just to make sure she wasn't dying of some malicious MTC contracted disease). It has been crazy.

Miller 장로님 and I are now teaching 2 investigators! It is nuts having to do it in Korean (kinda scary to be honest) but I have been trying to do it without notes and I am finding that each time I teach I gain the ability to say more and more. So I think that is good, I'm not quite sure.

So ya, I just wanted to say I've been thinking a lot about my family and friends these last couple days, it's been hard to not be able to hear your voices. I really REALLY miss being able to give people (girls in particular) hugs. But I find as I try to study and work hard I am able to have a good time and study and not be homesick at all :).

I have made a discovery that I think everyone should know about. It is called dearelder.com, it is a wonderful website where you can send me mail that I get the next day. I cannot tell you how awesome it is to get mail (something apparently you don't learn till the mission). But if you could let everyone know that that exists that would be awesome. I would love to hear from you and frankly it's free. (YAY!!!) I may not neccessarily get a chance to respond but If you wanted to just send me a long email just saying what's up with you if I get a chance I will more than happily write you back. And please write as often as you like (every day twice a day if you want I don't mind ;)) But ya, that is my plea haha!

Oh and last thing, I have recently discovered that a nice Dr. Pepper in the MTC is a gift from Heaven. So if you wouldn't mind sending like I dunno like 10-20 24 packs of Dr. Pepper there will not be any complaints from me :).
Loving the gospel and loving the language, loving this experience and I hope to hear from everyone!

Elder Crowther

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