Sunday, May 27, 2012

another week in 수원

Well, hello there familia! How ya'll been!?

I am here emailing on Buddha's birthday and it is amazing. Korea like shuts down for some reason. I don't get it, Christmas doesn't shut down America does it? I dunno, America is mostly Christian so I figured that would be the next closest thing to this seeing as how Korea is primarily Buddhist.

But ya! It was great/stressful week here.

I'll give you an analogy that I thought of:
The mission (especailly working with a Zone Leader) is like juggling, a lot of people can juggle but not very many can keep 6-9 balls in the air at the same time. Long story short that is how I feel. There is so much that we are trying to do and so much that we are doing. Elder 이가하 is wanting to finish strong (which is a relief) and so we are working hard, but we are also having to try and manage a zone as well as getting our area going at the same time. Hard eh?

So ya I need some more organization, so if you could pray for your severly organization impeded missionary son to find a way to keep everything "in the air" that'd be awesome.

It is a crazy CRAZY Week in term of our investigators. Unfortunately two of them dropped but we picked one up elsewhere and one of them is getting a little more solid every day. It is kinda hard but it's worth it. One of the kids that we are meeting with is progressing so SO good. He has gotten all but 3 of the commandments and is living all of them. All he needs is that desire to get baptized. In fact he said he wants to get baptized he just wants to make sure that he has that heart before he actually makes that commitment. We are working towards getting him baptized on 6/10 but that is totally dependent on whether or not he reads and prays about the Book of Mormon. When we met with him I felt like it would be a good idea to make him a promise. It was a way good lesson and I promised him in the name of Jesus Christ that if he would Read the Book of Mormon every day pray everyday (specifically about the Book of Mormon and Baptism) and lastly, that every week till the 10th that he would come to church he would have the desire to get baptized by that date. He's been doing pretty good so far but was late to church on Sunday and missed the sacrament which I am discovering to be more and more important every day.

I have had a really good week In terms of everything though. I really am enjoying things and even though it is taking some adjusting getting used to serving with a Korean companion it is way good

This last week I watched The Testaments video on my own and I felt the spirit so strong right at the end of the movie when Christ appears to the people in the Americas. What a blessing it must have been to have been in that crowd. To have seen our Savior. To been with him and felt the spirit that He brings. Just imagining it gives me the chills. It would be SO cool, I would love to have that exprience so much.

Unfortunately today I have to make a request because I am in some dire need all of a sudden.

I need to get some more short sleeve shirts and a 전도 bag (I was running to catch a bus and my bag just broke, It is dead now) So I need like money to get some stuff if that is at all possible. If you have the means I want to get about 3-4 short sleeve shirts (the humidity is ridiculous here, like I've never experienced it before I sweat a LOT) and ya. So If you happen to be by a computer right now please hit me back with an email!

So as to everything that is happening at home.... wow. Mom and Dad I completely support your decisions to stay in Utah. Completely 100%. You have worked way to hard to just give up on that now. You run that marathon, I am praying for ya both but I will now also pray for your knees and for your minds (because I would go insane just thinking of the concept of running 24.2 miles). So ya! Tell grandpa I love him! I am praying for him and will continue to do so. Maybe today I will make sure to offer up some extra prayers for the aunts and uncles too (That they will have their hearts softened and all. Anything else I should add?) And ya. Take care of the girls for me make sure that they are happy and that they are safe :) Girls remember to be good, work hard (even though it's not school) and most of all remember that I love ya!

I love you all so much! Remember that the Church is true, And Remember that Christ lives. He loves us. Because of that He died for us and he is willing to comfort us any time we need him if we will only reach out for him. I know this is true. I absolutely know it!

Elder Josh :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome back to 수원!!!

Ya...... so it has been a pretty stinking legit week. We have had some crazy rides I have got to say. But ya, I love it. I love the mission it is so good! My companion's name is 이가하 장로님 He is from the wonderful land of 일산 and ya. It is pretty stinking good.

Anywho back to the missionary work. So this week was VERY BUSY. We had stake conference as well as having Elder Don R. Clarke of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy come and visit us here in the little old 대전 선교부 and I will talk about that a little bit more in just a second.

As to our week with the 구도자's and stuff.... it was SO cool! Wahhhhhh, we set 3 baptismal dates this week with 3 of our investigators who are so prepared. They are doing so good, they are understanding and one of them straight up told us "I want to get baptized but I want to make sure that I'm doing it sincerely, it's a special thing I think." SO he is so cool. Love him so much.

Anywhos it has been a busy week for me especially, I have been trying to figure out how to do this whole Assistant Zone Leader type thing and it has been odd. But I am working on it. It comes slowly I think but I am slowly (but surely) learning how to do it. Like I've talked about SO much it isn't exactly a comfortable thing to progress and stuff but it is required. So you get over it and keep going right?

As to the mission tour and Elder Clarke coming. WAUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooo cool. It was amazing like just being in his presence. The entire room was like tangibly different and better, the Spirit was there so SOOOO strong! But ya as to how the meeting went: He beasted us. SO HARD. Like I've never been beasted so hard in my entire life.... WOW. He totally got after us about fixing Korea and getting people back into
activity. He talked about some things and told us to get it done. I also discovered that I need to stop saying "yup" - I had to say "yes sir" (He established that as a rule and it was hard) goodness gracious. But the trainings that he gave us were SOOOOOO good. We learned so much, and I think that Sister Furniss should have posted on the blog the different pictures that she took during the thing (we weren't allowed to bring our Cameras) so ya.............

It was so good to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed Elder Clarke and I am planning on being a better missionary because of what he taught us!

As to the cool thing that I liked in my study this week, it had to of come in today's study actually. I was reading in King Benjamins speach in Mosiah and it was just the best. How it talks about the Joy that the people experience after they had repented. I loved it so much. It is so cool that as we keep trying to do this "Endure to the End" thing. That God has blessed us with that Joy, that peace that comes from being able to say "I have repented" I really loved that. It was a good study this morning.

I love the Gospel, I know it's true, I know that God lives and He loves us, He will bless us as we try to follow him and I know that to be the truth. I have seen it so much as a missionary not only in my life but the lives of others that I have been able to teach as well! I love the mission it is such a blessing to me!

Take care and I will talk to you all next week!~

Elder Josh!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Skype

We captured these pictures of our two-hour Skype with Josh on Mother's Day.  It was the first time we'd seen him since he went to Korea.  He looked soooo good!  And he's happy.

Josh and his new companion
Elder Draper also on Skype
Elder Draper's family - ha ha, we waved to each other
Josh's bus card - he says he cannot live without it
So happy
Enjoying the headphones - first time he's had any in since he went on his mission
So nice to laugh together
A kiss right on the cheek from his mom
The counselor in the bishopric whose office they were in for the Skype - he said "Thank you for your son."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

From Josh's mom:

Today is Mother's Day and so we got to talk to Josh on the Skype rather than getting an email. It was awesome!  He looks so good!  He's back in Suwon as an Assistant Zone Leader.

I received this letter from Josh's mission mom, Sister Furniss.  Loved it!

Sister Crowther,
We are grateful each day for the privilege of serving in Korea with whom we consider to be “the finest this generation has to offer”.  We recognize that these missionaries come from wonderful homes where they were taught by loving parents.  As this Mothers’ Day approaches we would like to extend to you, as a mother, our appreciation for your devotion to raising and supporting your son with whom we now enjoy serving.

We are grateful for the service Elder Crowther is giving to the Lord here in Korea.  He is devoting a part of his life to helping others have blessing that will last through eternity. We realize that much of our thanks goes to wonderful mothers who devoted a part of their life to raising these fine missionaries. Pres. David O. McKay said, “she who rears successfully … sons and daughters whose immortal souls will be exerting an influence throughout the ages … deserves the highest honor that man can give."

In the Book of Mormon we read about the 2,000 exemplary young men who as Alma describes…. ”were men of truth and soberness, for they had been taught to keep the commandments of God and to walk uprightly before him.”  When asked about the foundation of their faith, they gave tribute to their mothers when they said “our mothers knew it.”  We see that foundation of faith in your missionary.

Your love is felt by your son each day.  The mission can be challenging, but your love is sustaining them.  It is said that when thoughts of your child are in your heart, they are never far away from home.  Abraham Lincoln said, “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.  They have clung to me all my life”.  As this Mothers’ Day approaches I hope you can feel assured that your love and prayers do cling to your child’s heart, and bless them as they faithfully serve the Lord.

We pray that you and your family feel and enjoy the missionary spirit that Elder Crowther's service brings into your lives.

President and Sister Furniss

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Well well well! It is another week here in 평택 and it may be my last?

Well, hello there everyone, how has the week been!? Pretty amazing from what I heard, it looks like ya'll have been working hard and are having so much fun in doing everything. It's good to hear that my sisters are kicking butt, Kellie, I feel for ya girl, just destroy everyone next time and don't get elbowed. It's easier to win that way (just fyi) :)

And Jenna... 5:40 mile..... not bad... not bad at all.... (seeing as how I've never run that I won't say anything)

Mom/Dad.... 10 miles!?....... weak sauce.... YOU get to run 20 miles next week! You should be SO excited!!!! WAHHH!!!!!! It's gonna be crazy! Dad, run on your toes man, it helps the heels ya know? Hahah!

So ya, last week we saw some huge miracles and YA unfortunately, today is transfer call day and..... We haven't gotten ours yet.... SO.... I can't tell you about arrangements for next week until I know, so we have permission from our district leader to get that all set up later so I'll send another email your way later today (but it will be night for you). I will see what I can do about getting arrangements for Skype (if I stay here in 평택 that is what will happen but if I go I will let you know).

SO anyways about this last week!

It was nuts, we were all over the place all the time! We were almost always enroute for an appointment or had something of that nature planned! It was so crazy! Like I know in other missions it happens all the time BUT it doesn't happen here very often at all. Usually we have a lot of 전도 time which is fun but not the most productive use of our time (at least in my mindset). BUT we have seen a lot of success with it in terms of getting people's numbers, the trick is getting second meeting times but ya we are working on that too! 

This is SUCH a crazy week, we saw some way cool miracles! I wanted to tell you about 1 guy that we met this week that was totally a miracle!

We were on our way to go get some 광고들 [ads] made and it was just nuts, we were talking to people and we finally started walking down the street and this guy walks up and says (in English) "I want to learn about the Mormon Bible," SO... we were like okay and we set up an appointment with him like 3 hours later. Met with him and he is TOTALLY legit. He straight up told us, "I think now is a great time to change my life!" It is gonna be nuts. So we set up a baptismal date with him there and invited him to come to English class the next day and then meet us for church the following day. He said yes to both (surprisingly) and actually came to church! We were talking with him afterwards (because it was Fast Sunday and stuff) and it was just nuts! He was like, "Later I want to get up in front of everyone and bear my testimony, and also (because we had went to a really good Gospel Principles class) I want to like teach the class and help people learn!" So we gave him some more materials (I figure we give the anxious learner the right materials and then just set him loose!) SO that is what we did. He is SO legit! Just wanted to learn and it was awesome!

This week we were just so busy! We just taught appointment after appointment (we taught the first lesson.... a lot... and the 2nd lesson.... a lot....) WAHHHH, we just were stressing and trying to make it to appointment after appointment after appointment, it was just ridiculous. So we just had an awesome week, we met people and it was just the best.

Gah, sorry I don't have a ton to say right now, my heart's all fluttery because of transfers and the fact that like everyone in the mission (besides us) has gotten their call.... so I wonder what is happening.... it baffles me....



Oh, so an explanation of the pictures I sent!

I just know that one of them is a picture of my toe. And ya I forgot to tell you! So when I was in 첨단 (which after me and Elder Dodd got that area jumpstarted has become the highest baptizing mission in Korea! No pride just saying we worked hard there!) we played soccer one morning and my toenail fell off (more like I killed it). SO anyways after a long time it is coming back BUT, it is coming in really weird and there was this dead half of it. So I scraped it off and I, after I got done scrapping it, could fit the tool in my toe..... I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing (hopefully not an ingrown toenail) but if it starts looking weird, I will just probably kill it again (as to the method I am not sure yet....) SO ya! Maybe a little brutal but hey I'm just doing what works!

So ya, I hope ya'll get to have another fun week with joy and happiness and maybe CAKE. 

But just wanna let you know that I know this church is true. This church, isn't a church, this is God's kingdom on earth. We have the authority that Christ had, we have a living prophet and through the scriptures we can learn clearly how to get back to our Heavenly Father. How cool is that? I love the Scriptures, I love studying them! (Oh PS to Mom: So in a district meeting and I talked about the scriptures and how to study them effectively, SO i actually went back and gave that training that you gave to me before I came on my mission! It was so good! I was wondering if you could type that up (THE WHOLE THING) and send it to me I would be so appreciative!) But I think the thing that I learn more and more as I read the scriptures is that God loves us. He really truly Loves us. It's awesome. I love it!

I love ya'll Hope ya'll have a great week! (Wow I am so original!) 

Elder Josh!

(a few hours later)

So hey, I am getting transfered! Actually back to my old area! Wow....... weird.......

So anyways I am also going to be serving with my first Korean companion! WOW! And I will be an Assistant Zone Leader.... Wow.... weird.....

Like really weird....