Sunday, May 27, 2012

another week in 수원

Well, hello there familia! How ya'll been!?

I am here emailing on Buddha's birthday and it is amazing. Korea like shuts down for some reason. I don't get it, Christmas doesn't shut down America does it? I dunno, America is mostly Christian so I figured that would be the next closest thing to this seeing as how Korea is primarily Buddhist.

But ya! It was great/stressful week here.

I'll give you an analogy that I thought of:
The mission (especailly working with a Zone Leader) is like juggling, a lot of people can juggle but not very many can keep 6-9 balls in the air at the same time. Long story short that is how I feel. There is so much that we are trying to do and so much that we are doing. Elder 이가하 is wanting to finish strong (which is a relief) and so we are working hard, but we are also having to try and manage a zone as well as getting our area going at the same time. Hard eh?

So ya I need some more organization, so if you could pray for your severly organization impeded missionary son to find a way to keep everything "in the air" that'd be awesome.

It is a crazy CRAZY Week in term of our investigators. Unfortunately two of them dropped but we picked one up elsewhere and one of them is getting a little more solid every day. It is kinda hard but it's worth it. One of the kids that we are meeting with is progressing so SO good. He has gotten all but 3 of the commandments and is living all of them. All he needs is that desire to get baptized. In fact he said he wants to get baptized he just wants to make sure that he has that heart before he actually makes that commitment. We are working towards getting him baptized on 6/10 but that is totally dependent on whether or not he reads and prays about the Book of Mormon. When we met with him I felt like it would be a good idea to make him a promise. It was a way good lesson and I promised him in the name of Jesus Christ that if he would Read the Book of Mormon every day pray everyday (specifically about the Book of Mormon and Baptism) and lastly, that every week till the 10th that he would come to church he would have the desire to get baptized by that date. He's been doing pretty good so far but was late to church on Sunday and missed the sacrament which I am discovering to be more and more important every day.

I have had a really good week In terms of everything though. I really am enjoying things and even though it is taking some adjusting getting used to serving with a Korean companion it is way good

This last week I watched The Testaments video on my own and I felt the spirit so strong right at the end of the movie when Christ appears to the people in the Americas. What a blessing it must have been to have been in that crowd. To have seen our Savior. To been with him and felt the spirit that He brings. Just imagining it gives me the chills. It would be SO cool, I would love to have that exprience so much.

Unfortunately today I have to make a request because I am in some dire need all of a sudden.

I need to get some more short sleeve shirts and a 전도 bag (I was running to catch a bus and my bag just broke, It is dead now) So I need like money to get some stuff if that is at all possible. If you have the means I want to get about 3-4 short sleeve shirts (the humidity is ridiculous here, like I've never experienced it before I sweat a LOT) and ya. So If you happen to be by a computer right now please hit me back with an email!

So as to everything that is happening at home.... wow. Mom and Dad I completely support your decisions to stay in Utah. Completely 100%. You have worked way to hard to just give up on that now. You run that marathon, I am praying for ya both but I will now also pray for your knees and for your minds (because I would go insane just thinking of the concept of running 24.2 miles). So ya! Tell grandpa I love him! I am praying for him and will continue to do so. Maybe today I will make sure to offer up some extra prayers for the aunts and uncles too (That they will have their hearts softened and all. Anything else I should add?) And ya. Take care of the girls for me make sure that they are happy and that they are safe :) Girls remember to be good, work hard (even though it's not school) and most of all remember that I love ya!

I love you all so much! Remember that the Church is true, And Remember that Christ lives. He loves us. Because of that He died for us and he is willing to comfort us any time we need him if we will only reach out for him. I know this is true. I absolutely know it!

Elder Josh :)

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