Sunday, May 6, 2012

Well well well! It is another week here in 평택 and it may be my last?

Well, hello there everyone, how has the week been!? Pretty amazing from what I heard, it looks like ya'll have been working hard and are having so much fun in doing everything. It's good to hear that my sisters are kicking butt, Kellie, I feel for ya girl, just destroy everyone next time and don't get elbowed. It's easier to win that way (just fyi) :)

And Jenna... 5:40 mile..... not bad... not bad at all.... (seeing as how I've never run that I won't say anything)

Mom/Dad.... 10 miles!?....... weak sauce.... YOU get to run 20 miles next week! You should be SO excited!!!! WAHHH!!!!!! It's gonna be crazy! Dad, run on your toes man, it helps the heels ya know? Hahah!

So ya, last week we saw some huge miracles and YA unfortunately, today is transfer call day and..... We haven't gotten ours yet.... SO.... I can't tell you about arrangements for next week until I know, so we have permission from our district leader to get that all set up later so I'll send another email your way later today (but it will be night for you). I will see what I can do about getting arrangements for Skype (if I stay here in 평택 that is what will happen but if I go I will let you know).

SO anyways about this last week!

It was nuts, we were all over the place all the time! We were almost always enroute for an appointment or had something of that nature planned! It was so crazy! Like I know in other missions it happens all the time BUT it doesn't happen here very often at all. Usually we have a lot of 전도 time which is fun but not the most productive use of our time (at least in my mindset). BUT we have seen a lot of success with it in terms of getting people's numbers, the trick is getting second meeting times but ya we are working on that too! 

This is SUCH a crazy week, we saw some way cool miracles! I wanted to tell you about 1 guy that we met this week that was totally a miracle!

We were on our way to go get some 광고들 [ads] made and it was just nuts, we were talking to people and we finally started walking down the street and this guy walks up and says (in English) "I want to learn about the Mormon Bible," SO... we were like okay and we set up an appointment with him like 3 hours later. Met with him and he is TOTALLY legit. He straight up told us, "I think now is a great time to change my life!" It is gonna be nuts. So we set up a baptismal date with him there and invited him to come to English class the next day and then meet us for church the following day. He said yes to both (surprisingly) and actually came to church! We were talking with him afterwards (because it was Fast Sunday and stuff) and it was just nuts! He was like, "Later I want to get up in front of everyone and bear my testimony, and also (because we had went to a really good Gospel Principles class) I want to like teach the class and help people learn!" So we gave him some more materials (I figure we give the anxious learner the right materials and then just set him loose!) SO that is what we did. He is SO legit! Just wanted to learn and it was awesome!

This week we were just so busy! We just taught appointment after appointment (we taught the first lesson.... a lot... and the 2nd lesson.... a lot....) WAHHHH, we just were stressing and trying to make it to appointment after appointment after appointment, it was just ridiculous. So we just had an awesome week, we met people and it was just the best.

Gah, sorry I don't have a ton to say right now, my heart's all fluttery because of transfers and the fact that like everyone in the mission (besides us) has gotten their call.... so I wonder what is happening.... it baffles me....



Oh, so an explanation of the pictures I sent!

I just know that one of them is a picture of my toe. And ya I forgot to tell you! So when I was in 첨단 (which after me and Elder Dodd got that area jumpstarted has become the highest baptizing mission in Korea! No pride just saying we worked hard there!) we played soccer one morning and my toenail fell off (more like I killed it). SO anyways after a long time it is coming back BUT, it is coming in really weird and there was this dead half of it. So I scraped it off and I, after I got done scrapping it, could fit the tool in my toe..... I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing (hopefully not an ingrown toenail) but if it starts looking weird, I will just probably kill it again (as to the method I am not sure yet....) SO ya! Maybe a little brutal but hey I'm just doing what works!

So ya, I hope ya'll get to have another fun week with joy and happiness and maybe CAKE. 

But just wanna let you know that I know this church is true. This church, isn't a church, this is God's kingdom on earth. We have the authority that Christ had, we have a living prophet and through the scriptures we can learn clearly how to get back to our Heavenly Father. How cool is that? I love the Scriptures, I love studying them! (Oh PS to Mom: So in a district meeting and I talked about the scriptures and how to study them effectively, SO i actually went back and gave that training that you gave to me before I came on my mission! It was so good! I was wondering if you could type that up (THE WHOLE THING) and send it to me I would be so appreciative!) But I think the thing that I learn more and more as I read the scriptures is that God loves us. He really truly Loves us. It's awesome. I love it!

I love ya'll Hope ya'll have a great week! (Wow I am so original!) 

Elder Josh!

(a few hours later)

So hey, I am getting transfered! Actually back to my old area! Wow....... weird.......

So anyways I am also going to be serving with my first Korean companion! WOW! And I will be an Assistant Zone Leader.... Wow.... weird.....

Like really weird....

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