Monday, January 30, 2012

The week..... Again explained more interesting than just saying that I just did this and this and this!

Well! Here we are on yet another P-Day here in Korea and I have now been out on a mission over 6 months (by 3 days no less...weird eh?). SO in light of how I did my email last week I was thinking that I would do a little bit more of that style today and just tell you about stuff as opposed to just laying down a sketchy day by day view of what went down!

SO. This week I want to tell you about a crazy experience that may have turned into a miracle (may not be 100% sure on that but we are slowly finding out more and more....)

So, on Friday we were sitting there doing some weekly planning (just like every single other planning of my mission) and we are going along all cool and stuff and all of a sudden we get this call! So we look at the number, don't recognize it and so Elder Carter answers the phone. He starts to talk to the guy and come to find out he's a new investigator from like 1.5 years ago. It was crazy! So in the course of talking to him he was like.... oh so you wanna meet some time...... wait right now???..... well, how about in like 30 mins.... alright we'll see you then... and he hangs up. "Elder, get dressed we are going to meet a former." SO I get dressed and we go to meet this guy. We get to where we are going to meet him and find him. His name is 김동화....and he brought two of his "friends"..... and they are girls.... about 25 years old..... and they aren't exactly the most "innocent looking" of people that I have ever met in my missionary work. SO we introduce to the guy and then BOTH of the girls stick out their hands and want a handshake....(only reason that is included is because the only girls hand that I have shaken here in Korea is one of the other Missionaries.... she's an American).... SO we shake both of their hands and all and ya.... we start walking down the street towards this guy's house and the girls just WILL NOT leave us alone..... So, we are talking and all and they keep calling us 오빠...(which in Korean is a term that you use if you are really close and it is a girl's older male friend)..... So they are doing that as well as  반말'ing us to death (Another thing you only do if you are way close to someone....) SO we are going along and me and Elder Carter get two seconds to chat and we are like "I don't feel good about this at all........ we need to get out of here......" So we keep going and that same feeling of "GET OUT" keeps coming and coming and coming.... (They continue talking about how we are all going to go drink beer and "Play".....). We finally get to the point where I was like "We gotta get out of here man, call Elder Hardcastle and get him to give us an excuse to leave." So he calls Elder Hardcastle and gets him to bail us out and all and ya.... So we like ran away and all and that was good. But right before we were about to leave, he was like well..... "I will come to church then! I'll see you Sunday!"

So we are like sprint walking away and are like "No bueno, no bueno......." it was ridiculous. SO first of all, we just sit there and are way grateful for the Spirit getting us out of there and all (Seriously, it kept pushing and pushing and pushing to where we were finally like, alright, gotta go). We then went and were just dazed and stuff and ya... So then SUNDAY comes along..... and right as we are down greeting people and all and are heading into sacrament meeting, I look back and see him coming through the gate.... So we are like AHHHHHHHHHHH He is back!!!!! So we are like freaking out and all, so we go and Elder Carter takes him into sacrament and goes and sits by him.... We get done with sacrament and go into Gospel Principles and all of a sudden, our teacher starts asking him all these questions! And he starts answering and asking good questions and really expressed a sincere desire to learn more and he wants the blessings and knowledge that we talked about and stuff.... So we are like way confused as to what to do! But he is way tight (despite his probably just having some not so bueno friends). SO ya!

That was cool and then also on Saturday, we walked about 15 miles just 전도'ing. I was sore. Like I had some hardcore 몸살.

Anywho, that is the crazy thing of the week. We have been working hard and it has been great. Language is coming (they are making me translate some these days which is a challenge let me tell you. Regurgitating stuff in another language is nuts....)

It has been great to be out here, me and Elder Carter are working hard and it has been so fun to work with him. He's a great guy! Also, I have been here and I actually live with one of the cool guys from 광주 [Gwangju] it has been way WAY fuN!

So ya, loving life and loving being a missionary. Despite the occasional hardships (they are inevitable) it has been so cool!

I am actually out of memory on my camera.... SO I am going to back it up soon as possible but I am going to need a new card. Dad, I don't know what all we can do. I can buy a card here easy but I would need some money. ALSO I have been talking to a bunch of Elders and they all have a big USB drive (500GB/1TB or so, they run not too horrible here) that as they have different comps and stuff they just exchange data and all and I was wondering if you might consider doing that! But ya!

As to all that is going on at home, it has been crazy to hear from everyone these last couple of days especially. Mom, I did get the tie and coincidentally it is actually probably my favorite tie (like I'm not even kidding, I love it so much I can't even tell you I would wear it 4 days consecutively but I would have people thinking I'm weird). Girls sound like they are all just owning on the defensive end of the court and it is just great to hear about all of their amazingness. I would love to see them play so much, so if you were to maybe make a video of them (like you did for me) and throw it up so I could download it, I would totally watch it!

Dad's getting a promotion eh!? Waya!!! That is so cool, it is about time someone acknowledged the hardest working man in the world (Plus he gets props because according to everyone here in Korea, he is a hotty!)

In fact, it's kinda funny, whenever I show my family pics to people, everyone is always like "WAHHHH, these are your parents/sisters!? They are SO GOOD LOOKING WAHHHH!!!" It's crazy! 

It has been a great experience so far and I am just looking for things to keep getting more and more interesting as life goes on! I love the mission, I love my Heavenly Father, I love the fact that I can do this work. I love that I am able to share this message with people and to see people accept it is SO cool to me!

I love God with all my heart, I know he's real, he really is our Father and he wants us to be happy!

Don't ever doubt it :)

Love ya'll!!!

Elder Josh(er)

     That's for Dad :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

ANOTHER Week in the mission field (also my 1/4th of my mission mark on the 27th)

WELL, I am going to start this off with the preface that this could be a very interesting letter because the keyboard i'm writing on is coivererd with this film stuff so I write jkinda weird..... We shall see....

So any who, I'm not going to give as days by days this week seeing as how this keyboard is really bugging me and not a whole lot was different this week. But I will take some time to tell you what all I've been learning and stuff so hopefully that will make up for it!

So to be perfectly honest this week was very... normal... just a normal week and all slower than usual (being that we didn't get to teach a whole ton of lessons and all) but it was still quite a good week. We found a couple new investigators this week whom are very cool. One of them is this old man who is quite legit. He is this guy who has just seen everything. He was an air paramedic so he would go and jump out of a plane/helicopter and do paramedic work on people. He has just seen so much that he is just like "why?" so we are working with him and should have a lot of potential with him. He is way hard to understand. It's frustrating sometimes to be honest but you get used to it.

We also met this guy who was actually a former investigator. He was so cool, but his church interest is kind of small so we will have to work on that. He is a very cool guy though and things should be pretty good with him as he is a very smart guy. We had this investigator who we haven't been able to meet for a couple weeks who had a baptismal date this week that unfortunately we weren't able to follow through on seeing as how he won't answer his phone/texts and we don't know where his house is! So he is hard. Someone quit at his work so he had ot pick up another shift so all he does these days is work/sleep/work. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I think that he will pull through soon though and we will be able to meet him soon!

This week it was really cool. We saw the craziest miracle, it was totally whack. So I will tell you about it :)

One of the main ways that we have been finding people of late (we actually found 5 last week, just 3 were girls so we referred them to the sisters) is through English Advertisements. They are crazy, so we have been going and putting those in the mailboxes of all the people and the giant apartment complexes that scatter our area. SO we went to this apt and talked to the security office and the guy was like "NO.... go talk to the manager" so we go into this managers office to ask if we can put them up there and we go into the office and talk to his secretary. We talk to her for a while and try to explain our point of view and she's like "NO....let me ask the big man himself... you are doing it free...." so she goes into the office and comes out after a bit and BAM "NO, sorry" so we are like .... ok.............. so we start packing up our stuff to leave and as we are walking out the door all of a sudden we hear a "WAIT!" so we stop and the manager comes out and is like "come into my office... let's talk." So we are like "ok... sure... whatever" so we go into this guy's office and talk for a while and the guy is nice and all but overall is just like no no no no no no no.... SO we are talking and I was like "hummmm, Heavenly Father, please let us advertise here, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen," in my head. And all of a sudden he gets this look on his face and he's like..... "well it is free, and you two are really good guys..... sure go ahead :)" He then proceeded to offer us coffee and we were like nah... so he give us this delicious, WoW not illegal tea that was delicious :). It was way cool!

Of late, though, we have just been trying to find some more investigators it has been pretty hard work. You know that Pioneer Children song? Pioneer Children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked... you get the picture. So it has been good in that respect though.

Now some WHAT's???

First of all, HOW IS JACOB ALREADY HOME??????


So yes, if you could promptly respond to those that'd be awesome. Or if you could have the respective parties send me a quick email/letter I would be much appreciative. 

Oh and yes I forgot to tell you. My buddy 박윤기 made me a Korean name. SO I will have a tag with this on it in a bit; by my name will be: 강현 장로 [Elder Ganghyeon]. There is some really REALLY cool 한자 [Chinese character] for the 현 so I like the name. It means something like one who is strong and has a lot of wisdom and intelligence, or something along those lines :) so I like it :). 

I also had interviews on Tuesday last week which was crazy. My interview went just fine but my companion apparently found out that I am going to be going senior in the decently near future. SO prayers would be appreciated (even though I know you already are :))

Oh, I also have some requests for things that I would like If you have the time/means to send them my way! First of all the Mormon Doctrine book and also the Mormon Encyclopedia, AND also if you could put the video of my basketball stuff someplace I could get at it that'd be awesome, like a windows media format would be nice. Just avi would work to :)

Oh, and I might get to see San Ha next week. I'm not sure yet but he is back in Korea and one of his friends is in my ward and ya. He needs to get his butt down to 수원 [Suwon] so we can chat!

It is awesome to hear that the basketball is going well at home. I hope you all are doing awesome. I hope you all know what I am coming to learn more and more every day. That God lives, that he loves us, that he is there for us even when it all seems like everything is crumpling to the ground. I know he is there. He supports me every step that I take, every word I say, every time I open my mouth, even when I don't know how to respond, God makes it something I can do. I know he's real! Don't you ever forget. Name of Jesus Christ amen.

They look cold, don't they?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello from Suwon (2nd week)

Hello again from good old 대한민국 [Korea]. Elder Carter and I have had a pretty ridiculous week if I do say so myself! But my typing is getting progressively slower and slower so I will do my best to crank out a good email for ya'll!

Started off with last Monday which was pretty crazy if I do say so myself. We went to 신갈 [Singal] which is on the edge of our mission (which actually had to go into 서울 [Seoul] to get there) and played basketball at the impressively large church building there (one of the only ones that I know of in Korea that has a basketball court in it!) So we had a very awesome time doing that, got to play some ball and discovered that despite the fact that I have gained 10 kilos since I came to Korea, I am still able to touch the rim! It's gotta be all that walking, hum.... I'll keep doing that! But ya so then we went and met with a guy by the name of 이동엽. He was pretty cool and we set a return appointment with him, which was really cool. I will talk more about him in a sec, he is not a happy ending.... yet... Then we went and 전도'ed the rest of the night away and that was it! Pretty uneventful day if you ask me but we are still working hard!

Tuesday was pretty fun. We started off the day eating at an awesome restaurant called 아자아자 [hip hip]. WHICH has the most HUGEOMONGEOUS 돈까스 that I have ever seen. It is nuts! So far I have eaten 2 from there (which probably has contributed to the nice ring of fat that currently occupies my waist). ANYWAY, we had our first district meeting and it was great. I got to introduce myself to all the people in our district and it was pretty legit if I do say so myself. It is actually pretty cool- Elder Miller from the MTC (my comp in the MTC) is actually in my district now. So we got a chance to talk and work together and stuff and it is pretty cool! So YA then we went for a district activity back to 신갈 again and did a 전도 activity where I went with our Zone leader and got to talk to a bunch of crazy people that live outside of 서울. That was interesting. Then we went back to our area and put up some advertisements for English CLass and ya! Went and met with a member and 식사'ed and it was legit! Went and met with this "new investigator" that I called and it actually turns out that he is a long lost less active who just happened to move back to 수원 about a month ago. SO that was good! We then went and did some good old fasion 가가호호'ing and called it a night.

Wednesday was a little different. We started off the day with study like usual but we went to meet with this one guy at his office and it was good, but then he took the last 5-10 mins of our meeting to just beast us on how bad our Korean was....mine in particular because he had already met with Elder Carter. So ya that was pleasant and ya, we went and met with this foreigner named David (....what are the chances right?) and he is way cool. Except... he's from Cleveland.... and a LeBron hater.... I don't know if I can teach him.... hahahaha.... 농담! He is way cool. We went and talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon and stuff and it was good. More of just a get to know thing for me! So ya it was good! SO we also went and met with this other less-active named... 이병환 he is cool but won't come to church.... Always makes excuses.... grrrrrrrrr. So we will work on him. We then came home 식사'ed and it was great. We went to English class and it was fun, prepared a message and all and just had a good time :) Got done and went home!

Thursday was cool. We just worked hard all day visiting people and 전도'ing. Not really a whole lot to report on that.... EXCEPT, Elder 박 beasted us all on the use of slang... specifically like "Mormon Swear Words"...... So I was feeling bad because he like pulled out a bunch of quotes by L. Tom Perry and the white handbook and stuff.... SO I am trying to stop using those words, SO I may begin to use GRRRRRRRRRR a lot..... just fyi. 

Friday 'twas a good day-- we went and did weekly planning and then 전도'ed most of the rest of the day. Talked to people and stuff and then we went and met with a guy by the name of 장은진 he is way WAY cool! he is so nice and receptive and he wants an answer and EVERYTHING. He's just awesome. WOW, it's been nuts. SO ya, then we went to a member's house and 식사'ed at their house. While we like sharing our message and everything and I was bearing my testimony the husband just farted like SO LOUD. We all just busted up laughing and then ya he was just like "Ughhhhh gas......" it was funny. 

Saturday was a lot more finding in the morning, so we put up English advertisements and we talked to people on the street and then at 5 o'clock in the afternoon we went to this play that the YM/YW were putting on and it was crazy. They had some funny acts and stuff but I think the worst was that one of the songs that they danced to had the following lyrics repeated like 10000000 times: "I got a Hangover.... I been drinkin' too much...... I don't wanna grow up.... I just wanna drink until I throw up....." SO all us American elders just were busting up in the back and it was great. But the dance was cool all things considered. Then we went and just 가가호호'ed and ya! 

Sunday was fun, we went to church and all and my man Martin was there. He is this guy from Cameroon who is a less-active and can only come to church every other week but he is SOOOOO cool. We chatted and stuff, it was great. Then we went to Gospel Principles with one of our investigators. We had this member come and he just took over and totally BEASTED our investigator. Talked to him about like the Galaxy and stuff.... I didn't understand it all but when I walked out I felt more intelligent than when I walked in. So it was great. Priesthood was good but I didn't understand it at all and so that was kinda hard. Went home did comp study and all then a member called and we went with him to go talk to Less-Actives! So we drove around for a while and me and Elder Carter just played a lot of rock-paper-scissors with his daughter. that was fun. Went to their house after a while of driving/visiting and 식사'ed with the SIster Missionaries as well (which I forgot to tell you about, we have one of my younger 동기 in my district too!) and ya that was fun! went and 가가호호'ed and this was the first day that people actually opened the door. In fact it was pretty odd. But it was great because I've never actually had a door slammed in my face till yesterday! So ya the first door I knocked, they opened up the door and I was like "Hi" he then was like "Ahhh, you're the Mormons....." and slammed the door.... Great way to start I thought. So ya! That was the night

TODAY however I have to ask some questions for ya'll at home. I read all your emails and It is so good to hear about all your experiences with missionaries lately! That is so cool. But first of all... How is Jacob already home? I swear he left like yesterday, it is ridiculous, ya'll should send me his email so I can write him. Second, are all my sisters just like these amazing awesome athletes and I just have to be on the other side of the earth for it to all of a sudden "come to pass?" Grrrrr...... I want to see it, I'm so jealous that ya'll can watch it but at the same time, SO PROUD of all my sisters( and my 훌륭하신 [revered] parents :) for teaching them so well!) I hope all is well at home. 

Oh, I would like to tell you about my last night resolution. I am buying a gym pass with my comp and we are going to the gym. I am getting rid of this fat ring. It will DISAPPEAR!!! AHHHHH So ya, we are buying gym passes (like 40 dollars) and it is going to be great. I will get thin and attractive and everything. It'll be great!   

Love ya all so much and I hope ya'll are doing well at home. Remember that this church is true. Every day it brings so much peace to my heart to know I have a Father in Heaven that loves me and is watching over me. He wants us to find Him, that's why we can pray, that's why we can read the Book of Mormon and feel His love. He wants us to know :)!

Love you all, have an awesome week!
Elder Josh Crowther

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Couple of Days in 수원 (Suwon)

Well, it feels like a while since I have written any of you but I guess
it was just a long week considering everything that happened! So I
will tell you all about it and ya!

FIrst off, on Monday I told you we got the news that I was being moved.
So we spent the day mainly chilling with other missionaries. It was a
pretty fun day. We went to like this place that just has a bunch of
the picture things that they have at the malls and we went nuts in one
of those, all of us missionaries.... It was pretty interesting I have
got to say! We came home and ya, had one appointment that night I think
(I usually look at my planner while I type these but I don't know
where it is right now so......) YA!

Tuesday was really just kind of a chill day. We worked and visited
some people and that was about it. It was a pretty ridiculous day all
in all.  We just kinda visited everyone and ya! We did meet with one
of our progressing investigators and talked to them quite a bit, it
was a good talk! Then immediately afterwards this new guy that we
starting meeting came! We had a really good conversation with him and
got him set up to meet like 4 times a week and YA! It was awesome. We
then spent the night with one of our other families. It was quite the
day. We had some good times!

Wednesday was crazy busy!!! AHHHHHHHHHH. We were all over the place.
We met with the people that we baptized, and ya it was sad but
amazing. We had a really spiritual meeting and it was just awesome. I
bore my testimony and sad goodbye and all and 황성규's mom was crying and
she was like "I just don't know why!?" :) It was really touching that
even though I hadn't gotten to know them all that well we still were
close and I was really sad to see them go! That night the elders from
South (one of whom was transfering up North) came and slept at our
house and ya! We went and ate with one of the families in the ward and
ya, it was just a really good night.

Thursday was nuts! We got up at 6 and went to the 광주역. We said goodbye
and took some pictures and all it was good. It was really an honor
serving with Elder Dodd; I really enjoyed it :). Me and the elder who
were being transfered hopped on the train and headed for the 서대전역. It
was a good talk. He was Korean and so we sat there and talked for a
while and it was good. He got off the train at 익산 and another elder
who was one of my friends from the MTC (also Korean) hopped on the
train and we got a great chance to talk. Finally got to the 역 [train
station] I realize ya'll don't speak Korean, sorry, but then again
neither do I.... dangit) and ya. I was met by Elder Min and
immediately bought a ticket and got back on the train and headed for
수원. It was another great chance to speak some Korean and we had a
really good time! I have been speaking quite a bit. So ya, then we got
to the 역 and I met my companion. His name is Elder Carter and he is
from Morgan, Utah. He is a way tight guy, really chill, but at the same
time a really REALLY good missionary. We went, dropped my stuff off at
home, and immediately headed for an appointment that we had at 2 (we
did all the travel between 7-1).  So ya went and met this guy named 이희재
had a really great talk with him and taught him about the
commandments. It was really awesome. Then we came home and ate and
then headed out to do my first bit of actual 가가호호'ing that I have done
on my mission. It was fun. Knocked on a bunch of doors of apartments
and it's kinda funny because in Korea, they don't open the doors to
talk to you, they just yell through the door.... So we yelled at people
for a while and it was fun. Came home and that was the day.

Friday was good. Had a good weekly planning session and ya it was just
legit. Really got a chance to talk and plan together and had a good
time. Went out and met with an investigator and then really just kinda
전도'ed all day long! It was pretty nuts I have to say. Elder Carter is
a boss 전도 guy and he really does quite an amazing job with his Korean.
So it will be a great opporutnity to learn from him. We also met with
this really legit guy named Martin. He is from Cameroon and is here
studying in Korea. He is an awesome member and I really loved talking
with him. I look forward to getting to know him in the future!

Saturday was a lot of the same. We met an investigator and then went
to this really great 식당 named 아자아자. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Oh my goodness
gracious I had an awesome 돈까스 and It was HUGEHUGEHUGE! Gah. So ya went
and visited some members and then ya just went and 가가호호'ed and it was

Sunday was cool. We went to church and it was really good. I met a
really cool bunch of people as well as had to give my 인사 말씀 which was
kinda nerveracking but ya! Went and introduced myself to a bunch of
people and ya! After church we went home and had a good companion
study then went out to work. We went and tried to contact all of the
less actives in this one area of our area.... ahahha. and ya, almost
all of them had moved so that was kinda annoying but hey, I'll get over
it. Went home after doing some 전도it was legit.  We make a lot of food at
our house. It was really fun. I worked on the map for a bit and got it
all up to date and stuff and ya! That was the day/week.

I hope ya'll are having an awesome time back home in America and that
all is happy for ya! Love you all so much, take care of yourselves!
Remember this above all else. This church is true, I know it, I have
seen it influence people's lives on a number of occasions. It is
amazing. I love this and I know that if we let this gospel influence
our lives, we will become more than we ever dreamed we could be!!

Love you all!

Elder Josh Crowther

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - My First Transfer

Well, well, well, if it isn't the new years!

SO to welcome it in I"ll give a happy new years cheer! YAYA!

Alrighty and not only that but in Korean years I am now 21 years old! So it is a wonderful time to be alive I've gotta say. Hahahha! Anywho let me tell you about my week (this letter is kinda straight to the point seeing as how I don't exactly have a whole ton of time). 

Started off with Monday of last week which was pretty dang good to say the least. I met with some investigators and did some 전도 but other than that it was kinda slow!

Tuesday we also had a pretty slow day. Went to district meeting and President Furniss and his wife came to join us! So we had a great old district meeting and talked about finding new investigators. It was a pretty boss time and ya! Hopped back on the bus after things were done and headed home. Got home late because President wanted to talk to Elder Dodd (DL) and Elder Routt (ZL) so we didn't really get back when we planned. So we got home and went out and did some more Street Contacting (we do a lot of that) and then we Prepared a message for new years for our members and stuff :)

Wednesday was pretty eventful. We went and got out earlier than usual and 전도'ed to try and meet some people. Then we went over to the church and met with some of the girls that we met last week who we planned on meeting. Had a good meeting with them and talked about english stuff and then taught a little bit about the restoration of the gospel. Then we went right to another lesson with a different investigator who was pretty dang good. We had a good lesson with him taught about why he needs to read the Book of Mormon and ya! Then we went and taught english class (which noone came to) and ya. Fixed the church computer (and believe me it needed it) so ya!

Thursday was funny, we started off the day by going to Lotte Mart (our equivalent of Wal-Mart) and bought a shower head because somehow Elder Dodd managed to break ours. We aren't 100% sure how but the problem is fixed and we have a nice new shower head now! Then we went and met with 황성규 my buddy (the guy who got baptized). Talked to him about the priesthood and a little bit about the gift of the holy ghost. It was good. we talked for a bit then went and ate and 전도'ed a bit. Came home and made some calls trying to get referrals from some of the people we were close too and ya!

Friday was planned busy but ended up being not. We had a good weekly study and then we went to the Church to teach the girls from last week again. Taught them and then we ended up going around with one of the members in our ward all night. Although we did go to a meat buffet and I ate A LOT! Which was tasty but ya. It was fun! Played some ping pong with them too and it was legit! We met up with the Zone Leaders later that night who slept over at our house and ya!

Saturday was fun we started off the day playing some soccer, played for 3 or so hours and then ya. Came home and come to find out I destroyed my big toe! So one of these days I will be losing my big toe and I'll send home some great pictures for you! But ya! Came home and Elder DOdd's brother finally called him (he is ser ving in Hong Kong and hasn't had a chance to talk to him yet so today was finally the day). I got some good study in and then ya, we were off to 전도 some more Talked to some people and I actually met some really nice guys! That was about the day!

Sunday was funny and awesome at the same time. Came to church and 황성규 came again and got the Gift of the Holy Ghost in Sacrament meeting. Me and Elder Dodd were fortunate enough that we got to participate! So ya that was so cool! He is so good. His mom came too and she has now been to church enough to actually be baptized so we just need to teach her the lessons and we are good! But ya talked to our investigators at church and that was that! We then went to a member's house and ate food for a couple hours and had a hilarious conversation! (Just was funny because they were all family making fun of their older Sister and stuff it was great!) so ya then we went to another member's house for dinner! (I know 2 meals in 1 day, pretty legit eh?) Ate this weird red bean paste stuff that in small portions is really good but as a meal by itself i'm not so sure of. 황성규 and his mom both came to the dinner and we had a great time! 

Monday however brings good/bad news. I am being transferred! I will be going up to the north part of our mission called 수원 (Suwon....? not sure on English spelling) I will be serving in 심풍 (Simpung) with an Elder Carter who from what I have heard is a really cool/awesome missionary! So I will be packing up my bags and heading from the southern end of our mission to the northern end all in one trip! It will be a crazy week I will have more to tell you next week! I am pretty sure though that I will live in a 4 man house (one of the 2 in our mission) and I am really excited because I will be in the same house with 박윤기 장로님 who SanHa knows! So it will be an awesome time!

I love you all and I hope you are having an awesome time at home. I am just loving it out here and haved loved being able to serve with Elder Dodd. 

I hope you all know that this church is true. My mission president I think said it best: "Remember that whatever happens, you have the truth." We really do, I know it to be true. I have seen that process change someone's life. I have seen that process change my life. I love the Book of Mormon, I know it's God's words, I know that if we read it that God can speak to us as individuals through it. It is awesome! I love God, I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know this church is true with all my heart.

Love ya all!
Elder Josh Crowther