Monday, January 23, 2012

ANOTHER Week in the mission field (also my 1/4th of my mission mark on the 27th)

WELL, I am going to start this off with the preface that this could be a very interesting letter because the keyboard i'm writing on is coivererd with this film stuff so I write jkinda weird..... We shall see....

So any who, I'm not going to give as days by days this week seeing as how this keyboard is really bugging me and not a whole lot was different this week. But I will take some time to tell you what all I've been learning and stuff so hopefully that will make up for it!

So to be perfectly honest this week was very... normal... just a normal week and all slower than usual (being that we didn't get to teach a whole ton of lessons and all) but it was still quite a good week. We found a couple new investigators this week whom are very cool. One of them is this old man who is quite legit. He is this guy who has just seen everything. He was an air paramedic so he would go and jump out of a plane/helicopter and do paramedic work on people. He has just seen so much that he is just like "why?" so we are working with him and should have a lot of potential with him. He is way hard to understand. It's frustrating sometimes to be honest but you get used to it.

We also met this guy who was actually a former investigator. He was so cool, but his church interest is kind of small so we will have to work on that. He is a very cool guy though and things should be pretty good with him as he is a very smart guy. We had this investigator who we haven't been able to meet for a couple weeks who had a baptismal date this week that unfortunately we weren't able to follow through on seeing as how he won't answer his phone/texts and we don't know where his house is! So he is hard. Someone quit at his work so he had ot pick up another shift so all he does these days is work/sleep/work. It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I think that he will pull through soon though and we will be able to meet him soon!

This week it was really cool. We saw the craziest miracle, it was totally whack. So I will tell you about it :)

One of the main ways that we have been finding people of late (we actually found 5 last week, just 3 were girls so we referred them to the sisters) is through English Advertisements. They are crazy, so we have been going and putting those in the mailboxes of all the people and the giant apartment complexes that scatter our area. SO we went to this apt and talked to the security office and the guy was like "NO.... go talk to the manager" so we go into this managers office to ask if we can put them up there and we go into the office and talk to his secretary. We talk to her for a while and try to explain our point of view and she's like "NO....let me ask the big man himself... you are doing it free...." so she goes into the office and comes out after a bit and BAM "NO, sorry" so we are like .... ok.............. so we start packing up our stuff to leave and as we are walking out the door all of a sudden we hear a "WAIT!" so we stop and the manager comes out and is like "come into my office... let's talk." So we are like "ok... sure... whatever" so we go into this guy's office and talk for a while and the guy is nice and all but overall is just like no no no no no no no.... SO we are talking and I was like "hummmm, Heavenly Father, please let us advertise here, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen," in my head. And all of a sudden he gets this look on his face and he's like..... "well it is free, and you two are really good guys..... sure go ahead :)" He then proceeded to offer us coffee and we were like nah... so he give us this delicious, WoW not illegal tea that was delicious :). It was way cool!

Of late, though, we have just been trying to find some more investigators it has been pretty hard work. You know that Pioneer Children song? Pioneer Children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked... you get the picture. So it has been good in that respect though.

Now some WHAT's???

First of all, HOW IS JACOB ALREADY HOME??????


So yes, if you could promptly respond to those that'd be awesome. Or if you could have the respective parties send me a quick email/letter I would be much appreciative. 

Oh and yes I forgot to tell you. My buddy 박윤기 made me a Korean name. SO I will have a tag with this on it in a bit; by my name will be: 강현 장로 [Elder Ganghyeon]. There is some really REALLY cool 한자 [Chinese character] for the 현 so I like the name. It means something like one who is strong and has a lot of wisdom and intelligence, or something along those lines :) so I like it :). 

I also had interviews on Tuesday last week which was crazy. My interview went just fine but my companion apparently found out that I am going to be going senior in the decently near future. SO prayers would be appreciated (even though I know you already are :))

Oh, I also have some requests for things that I would like If you have the time/means to send them my way! First of all the Mormon Doctrine book and also the Mormon Encyclopedia, AND also if you could put the video of my basketball stuff someplace I could get at it that'd be awesome, like a windows media format would be nice. Just avi would work to :)

Oh, and I might get to see San Ha next week. I'm not sure yet but he is back in Korea and one of his friends is in my ward and ya. He needs to get his butt down to 수원 [Suwon] so we can chat!

It is awesome to hear that the basketball is going well at home. I hope you all are doing awesome. I hope you all know what I am coming to learn more and more every day. That God lives, that he loves us, that he is there for us even when it all seems like everything is crumpling to the ground. I know he is there. He supports me every step that I take, every word I say, every time I open my mouth, even when I don't know how to respond, God makes it something I can do. I know he's real! Don't you ever forget. Name of Jesus Christ amen.

They look cold, don't they?


  1. He is in Suwon? I used to live right next to Suwon haha

  2. I will tell him that when I email him on Sunday - what city were you in?

    1. I was in Suji, Sungbok-dong. :D I watched second harry potter movie at one of the theaters in Suwon. Miss the old days haha