Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Couple of Days in 수원 (Suwon)

Well, it feels like a while since I have written any of you but I guess
it was just a long week considering everything that happened! So I
will tell you all about it and ya!

FIrst off, on Monday I told you we got the news that I was being moved.
So we spent the day mainly chilling with other missionaries. It was a
pretty fun day. We went to like this place that just has a bunch of
the picture things that they have at the malls and we went nuts in one
of those, all of us missionaries.... It was pretty interesting I have
got to say! We came home and ya, had one appointment that night I think
(I usually look at my planner while I type these but I don't know
where it is right now so......) YA!

Tuesday was really just kind of a chill day. We worked and visited
some people and that was about it. It was a pretty ridiculous day all
in all.  We just kinda visited everyone and ya! We did meet with one
of our progressing investigators and talked to them quite a bit, it
was a good talk! Then immediately afterwards this new guy that we
starting meeting came! We had a really good conversation with him and
got him set up to meet like 4 times a week and YA! It was awesome. We
then spent the night with one of our other families. It was quite the
day. We had some good times!

Wednesday was crazy busy!!! AHHHHHHHHHH. We were all over the place.
We met with the people that we baptized, and ya it was sad but
amazing. We had a really spiritual meeting and it was just awesome. I
bore my testimony and sad goodbye and all and 황성규's mom was crying and
she was like "I just don't know why!?" :) It was really touching that
even though I hadn't gotten to know them all that well we still were
close and I was really sad to see them go! That night the elders from
South (one of whom was transfering up North) came and slept at our
house and ya! We went and ate with one of the families in the ward and
ya, it was just a really good night.

Thursday was nuts! We got up at 6 and went to the 광주역. We said goodbye
and took some pictures and all it was good. It was really an honor
serving with Elder Dodd; I really enjoyed it :). Me and the elder who
were being transfered hopped on the train and headed for the 서대전역. It
was a good talk. He was Korean and so we sat there and talked for a
while and it was good. He got off the train at 익산 and another elder
who was one of my friends from the MTC (also Korean) hopped on the
train and we got a great chance to talk. Finally got to the 역 [train
station] I realize ya'll don't speak Korean, sorry, but then again
neither do I.... dangit) and ya. I was met by Elder Min and
immediately bought a ticket and got back on the train and headed for
수원. It was another great chance to speak some Korean and we had a
really good time! I have been speaking quite a bit. So ya, then we got
to the 역 and I met my companion. His name is Elder Carter and he is
from Morgan, Utah. He is a way tight guy, really chill, but at the same
time a really REALLY good missionary. We went, dropped my stuff off at
home, and immediately headed for an appointment that we had at 2 (we
did all the travel between 7-1).  So ya went and met this guy named 이희재
had a really great talk with him and taught him about the
commandments. It was really awesome. Then we came home and ate and
then headed out to do my first bit of actual 가가호호'ing that I have done
on my mission. It was fun. Knocked on a bunch of doors of apartments
and it's kinda funny because in Korea, they don't open the doors to
talk to you, they just yell through the door.... So we yelled at people
for a while and it was fun. Came home and that was the day.

Friday was good. Had a good weekly planning session and ya it was just
legit. Really got a chance to talk and plan together and had a good
time. Went out and met with an investigator and then really just kinda
전도'ed all day long! It was pretty nuts I have to say. Elder Carter is
a boss 전도 guy and he really does quite an amazing job with his Korean.
So it will be a great opporutnity to learn from him. We also met with
this really legit guy named Martin. He is from Cameroon and is here
studying in Korea. He is an awesome member and I really loved talking
with him. I look forward to getting to know him in the future!

Saturday was a lot of the same. We met an investigator and then went
to this really great 식당 named 아자아자. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Oh my goodness
gracious I had an awesome 돈까스 and It was HUGEHUGEHUGE! Gah. So ya went
and visited some members and then ya just went and 가가호호'ed and it was

Sunday was cool. We went to church and it was really good. I met a
really cool bunch of people as well as had to give my 인사 말씀 which was
kinda nerveracking but ya! Went and introduced myself to a bunch of
people and ya! After church we went home and had a good companion
study then went out to work. We went and tried to contact all of the
less actives in this one area of our area.... ahahha. and ya, almost
all of them had moved so that was kinda annoying but hey, I'll get over
it. Went home after doing some 전도it was legit.  We make a lot of food at
our house. It was really fun. I worked on the map for a bit and got it
all up to date and stuff and ya! That was the day/week.

I hope ya'll are having an awesome time back home in America and that
all is happy for ya! Love you all so much, take care of yourselves!
Remember this above all else. This church is true, I know it, I have
seen it influence people's lives on a number of occasions. It is
amazing. I love this and I know that if we let this gospel influence
our lives, we will become more than we ever dreamed we could be!!

Love you all!

Elder Josh Crowther

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  1. Suwon is part of the area that got moved over from Seoul West mission when they combined Seoul and Seoul West. It's a very cool area, historically.