Monday, January 30, 2012

The week..... Again explained more interesting than just saying that I just did this and this and this!

Well! Here we are on yet another P-Day here in Korea and I have now been out on a mission over 6 months (by 3 days no less...weird eh?). SO in light of how I did my email last week I was thinking that I would do a little bit more of that style today and just tell you about stuff as opposed to just laying down a sketchy day by day view of what went down!

SO. This week I want to tell you about a crazy experience that may have turned into a miracle (may not be 100% sure on that but we are slowly finding out more and more....)

So, on Friday we were sitting there doing some weekly planning (just like every single other planning of my mission) and we are going along all cool and stuff and all of a sudden we get this call! So we look at the number, don't recognize it and so Elder Carter answers the phone. He starts to talk to the guy and come to find out he's a new investigator from like 1.5 years ago. It was crazy! So in the course of talking to him he was like.... oh so you wanna meet some time...... wait right now???..... well, how about in like 30 mins.... alright we'll see you then... and he hangs up. "Elder, get dressed we are going to meet a former." SO I get dressed and we go to meet this guy. We get to where we are going to meet him and find him. His name is 김동화....and he brought two of his "friends"..... and they are girls.... about 25 years old..... and they aren't exactly the most "innocent looking" of people that I have ever met in my missionary work. SO we introduce to the guy and then BOTH of the girls stick out their hands and want a handshake....(only reason that is included is because the only girls hand that I have shaken here in Korea is one of the other Missionaries.... she's an American).... SO we shake both of their hands and all and ya.... we start walking down the street towards this guy's house and the girls just WILL NOT leave us alone..... So, we are talking and all and they keep calling us 오빠...(which in Korean is a term that you use if you are really close and it is a girl's older male friend)..... So they are doing that as well as  반말'ing us to death (Another thing you only do if you are way close to someone....) SO we are going along and me and Elder Carter get two seconds to chat and we are like "I don't feel good about this at all........ we need to get out of here......" So we keep going and that same feeling of "GET OUT" keeps coming and coming and coming.... (They continue talking about how we are all going to go drink beer and "Play".....). We finally get to the point where I was like "We gotta get out of here man, call Elder Hardcastle and get him to give us an excuse to leave." So he calls Elder Hardcastle and gets him to bail us out and all and ya.... So we like ran away and all and that was good. But right before we were about to leave, he was like well..... "I will come to church then! I'll see you Sunday!"

So we are like sprint walking away and are like "No bueno, no bueno......." it was ridiculous. SO first of all, we just sit there and are way grateful for the Spirit getting us out of there and all (Seriously, it kept pushing and pushing and pushing to where we were finally like, alright, gotta go). We then went and were just dazed and stuff and ya... So then SUNDAY comes along..... and right as we are down greeting people and all and are heading into sacrament meeting, I look back and see him coming through the gate.... So we are like AHHHHHHHHHHH He is back!!!!! So we are like freaking out and all, so we go and Elder Carter takes him into sacrament and goes and sits by him.... We get done with sacrament and go into Gospel Principles and all of a sudden, our teacher starts asking him all these questions! And he starts answering and asking good questions and really expressed a sincere desire to learn more and he wants the blessings and knowledge that we talked about and stuff.... So we are like way confused as to what to do! But he is way tight (despite his probably just having some not so bueno friends). SO ya!

That was cool and then also on Saturday, we walked about 15 miles just 전도'ing. I was sore. Like I had some hardcore 몸살.

Anywho, that is the crazy thing of the week. We have been working hard and it has been great. Language is coming (they are making me translate some these days which is a challenge let me tell you. Regurgitating stuff in another language is nuts....)

It has been great to be out here, me and Elder Carter are working hard and it has been so fun to work with him. He's a great guy! Also, I have been here and I actually live with one of the cool guys from 광주 [Gwangju] it has been way WAY fuN!

So ya, loving life and loving being a missionary. Despite the occasional hardships (they are inevitable) it has been so cool!

I am actually out of memory on my camera.... SO I am going to back it up soon as possible but I am going to need a new card. Dad, I don't know what all we can do. I can buy a card here easy but I would need some money. ALSO I have been talking to a bunch of Elders and they all have a big USB drive (500GB/1TB or so, they run not too horrible here) that as they have different comps and stuff they just exchange data and all and I was wondering if you might consider doing that! But ya!

As to all that is going on at home, it has been crazy to hear from everyone these last couple of days especially. Mom, I did get the tie and coincidentally it is actually probably my favorite tie (like I'm not even kidding, I love it so much I can't even tell you I would wear it 4 days consecutively but I would have people thinking I'm weird). Girls sound like they are all just owning on the defensive end of the court and it is just great to hear about all of their amazingness. I would love to see them play so much, so if you were to maybe make a video of them (like you did for me) and throw it up so I could download it, I would totally watch it!

Dad's getting a promotion eh!? Waya!!! That is so cool, it is about time someone acknowledged the hardest working man in the world (Plus he gets props because according to everyone here in Korea, he is a hotty!)

In fact, it's kinda funny, whenever I show my family pics to people, everyone is always like "WAHHHH, these are your parents/sisters!? They are SO GOOD LOOKING WAHHHH!!!" It's crazy! 

It has been a great experience so far and I am just looking for things to keep getting more and more interesting as life goes on! I love the mission, I love my Heavenly Father, I love the fact that I can do this work. I love that I am able to share this message with people and to see people accept it is SO cool to me!

I love God with all my heart, I know he's real, he really is our Father and he wants us to be happy!

Don't ever doubt it :)

Love ya'll!!!

Elder Josh(er)

     That's for Dad :)

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