Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - My First Transfer

Well, well, well, if it isn't the new years!

SO to welcome it in I"ll give a happy new years cheer! YAYA!

Alrighty and not only that but in Korean years I am now 21 years old! So it is a wonderful time to be alive I've gotta say. Hahahha! Anywho let me tell you about my week (this letter is kinda straight to the point seeing as how I don't exactly have a whole ton of time). 

Started off with Monday of last week which was pretty dang good to say the least. I met with some investigators and did some 전도 but other than that it was kinda slow!

Tuesday we also had a pretty slow day. Went to district meeting and President Furniss and his wife came to join us! So we had a great old district meeting and talked about finding new investigators. It was a pretty boss time and ya! Hopped back on the bus after things were done and headed home. Got home late because President wanted to talk to Elder Dodd (DL) and Elder Routt (ZL) so we didn't really get back when we planned. So we got home and went out and did some more Street Contacting (we do a lot of that) and then we Prepared a message for new years for our members and stuff :)

Wednesday was pretty eventful. We went and got out earlier than usual and 전도'ed to try and meet some people. Then we went over to the church and met with some of the girls that we met last week who we planned on meeting. Had a good meeting with them and talked about english stuff and then taught a little bit about the restoration of the gospel. Then we went right to another lesson with a different investigator who was pretty dang good. We had a good lesson with him taught about why he needs to read the Book of Mormon and ya! Then we went and taught english class (which noone came to) and ya. Fixed the church computer (and believe me it needed it) so ya!

Thursday was funny, we started off the day by going to Lotte Mart (our equivalent of Wal-Mart) and bought a shower head because somehow Elder Dodd managed to break ours. We aren't 100% sure how but the problem is fixed and we have a nice new shower head now! Then we went and met with 황성규 my buddy (the guy who got baptized). Talked to him about the priesthood and a little bit about the gift of the holy ghost. It was good. we talked for a bit then went and ate and 전도'ed a bit. Came home and made some calls trying to get referrals from some of the people we were close too and ya!

Friday was planned busy but ended up being not. We had a good weekly study and then we went to the Church to teach the girls from last week again. Taught them and then we ended up going around with one of the members in our ward all night. Although we did go to a meat buffet and I ate A LOT! Which was tasty but ya. It was fun! Played some ping pong with them too and it was legit! We met up with the Zone Leaders later that night who slept over at our house and ya!

Saturday was fun we started off the day playing some soccer, played for 3 or so hours and then ya. Came home and come to find out I destroyed my big toe! So one of these days I will be losing my big toe and I'll send home some great pictures for you! But ya! Came home and Elder DOdd's brother finally called him (he is ser ving in Hong Kong and hasn't had a chance to talk to him yet so today was finally the day). I got some good study in and then ya, we were off to 전도 some more Talked to some people and I actually met some really nice guys! That was about the day!

Sunday was funny and awesome at the same time. Came to church and 황성규 came again and got the Gift of the Holy Ghost in Sacrament meeting. Me and Elder Dodd were fortunate enough that we got to participate! So ya that was so cool! He is so good. His mom came too and she has now been to church enough to actually be baptized so we just need to teach her the lessons and we are good! But ya talked to our investigators at church and that was that! We then went to a member's house and ate food for a couple hours and had a hilarious conversation! (Just was funny because they were all family making fun of their older Sister and stuff it was great!) so ya then we went to another member's house for dinner! (I know 2 meals in 1 day, pretty legit eh?) Ate this weird red bean paste stuff that in small portions is really good but as a meal by itself i'm not so sure of. 황성규 and his mom both came to the dinner and we had a great time! 

Monday however brings good/bad news. I am being transferred! I will be going up to the north part of our mission called 수원 (Suwon....? not sure on English spelling) I will be serving in 심풍 (Simpung) with an Elder Carter who from what I have heard is a really cool/awesome missionary! So I will be packing up my bags and heading from the southern end of our mission to the northern end all in one trip! It will be a crazy week I will have more to tell you next week! I am pretty sure though that I will live in a 4 man house (one of the 2 in our mission) and I am really excited because I will be in the same house with 박윤기 장로님 who SanHa knows! So it will be an awesome time!

I love you all and I hope you are having an awesome time at home. I am just loving it out here and haved loved being able to serve with Elder Dodd. 

I hope you all know that this church is true. My mission president I think said it best: "Remember that whatever happens, you have the truth." We really do, I know it to be true. I have seen that process change someone's life. I have seen that process change my life. I love the Book of Mormon, I know it's God's words, I know that if we read it that God can speak to us as individuals through it. It is awesome! I love God, I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know this church is true with all my heart.

Love ya all!
Elder Josh Crowther

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