Monday, December 26, 2011

My First Baptism Christmas Day

Well, hello again there!

Seeing as how I have already talked to ya'll once today :) it was a pretty eventful and awesome day/week.

But seeing as how I already told you about all of that (including how Korea is and all that) I'll just tell you about Sunday!


Short Story Long: So ya we got to the church early on Sunday and shoveled all of the snow out of the parking lot at the church and it was awesome. We did it soooooo fast. It was surprising because I usually hate shoveling snow but this time it was pretty dang fun I have got to say! Got that all done then went to sacrament meeting and sat down next to two of our newer investigators. Took the sacrament then hustled downstairs to make sure the boiler was on and started filling up the baptismal font. Started getting it filled up and that was all great then we went back for the last part of sacrament meeting. It was a good meeting! I really enjoyed it. So then we went and got our investigator his baptismal clothes (I had to get mine on as well) and went in to do the baptismal service. We sang a song heard some good talks by the members (I didn't understand all of them very well, they were talking kind of fast... :(,.....But they were still good the parts I did catch). Then it was time for the baptism. Me and 황성규 [Hwangseonggyu] went to go get into the baptismal font and I explained to him how we do the baptism really fast (but I forgot to tell him to bend his knees...important in a sec). So we got into the font and got all set up, I raised my right hand to the square, said the baptismal prayer, and then............


So ya, I baptized him. And BOY oh BOY did I baptize him. Hahaha, So you know how I forgot to tell him to bend his knees? Well, ya so I kinda just picked him up and threw him in the water like a foot under, then just hauled him out (I am used to temple baptisms that are really fast, so I kinda forgot and just killed him a little bit... He described it like a wrestling body slam afterwards....But hey, the witnesses were like "he was all the way under" so ya, that was it. Besides the fact that everyone was laughing a little bit it was good!) 

So we got changed and I was talking to him in the bathroom and was like "how do you feel?" He was like "I feel amazing" SO it was good! We went back into the baptismal service to finish up and me and my Ward Mission Leader and his son sang a song. Then Elder Dodd was like "we will now hear God's words" (because the word for God, and the word for Bishop are similar haha). So we did that and ya! It was way good.

Had an awesome week, I love ya all tons! I hope you enjoy the pics that will follow!

Elder Dodd - Hweongseonggyu - Elder Crowther
Elder Dodd - Mom - Hweongseonggyu - Ward Mission leader - Elder Crowther
This is the mom and son that Josh has been teaching since he arrived in Korea.


  1. That us so awesome and I loved hearing his voice and excitement.

  2. That is so great we are all so proud of you at the Sobisky's house. Keep up the Lords work!

  3. Is that me?? OMG i want to say thanks for that day