Sunday, December 18, 2011


It has been crazy here in the big old Korea. We have had quite the week I have got to say filled with all sorts of fun stuff (including interesting things I have eaten) so let me tell ya'll about it!

Last Monday was just your average P-Day, worked hard did a lot of 전도 and ya. Talked to quite a few people and got the week started off on a good note! Other than that not a whole lot to report I have to say. Monday's are usually pretty slow

Tuesday we had district meeting and it was great. We had a combined district meeting and we learned about how to speak the language better and stuff. I have got to say that it was pretty legit. I really have had a hard time with the language of late but I have some plans to turn that around here in the future. SO ya. We were going to meet with one of our investigators but he dropped and we didn't get home till later than we had expected ffom district meeting so it was hard. Had kinda a slow day

Wednesday was pretty interesting. We met with one of our investigators who we've been meeting for a while (after street contacting for a while anyways) and had a good lesson. Talked about commandments because that's all that we haven't covered recently. So we went over law of chastity (which was hard); word of wisdom (which he has a problem with) and so on. So we still have some work for that but stay tuned! We then met with another investigator who's baptism date is the 24TH!!! SO this could be very exciting I have got to say! Had a good lesson then we went to teach english class. I taught that while Elder Dodd met with an investigator. But seeing as how only one person came (and it was a less active) I met and talked with him about the church! SO that was a good lesson and good chance to get a feel for what is up with him.

Thursday was good! We managed to have 2 really solid lessons (both actually with the same member) and it was an awesome experience. Our first lesson was with our proffessor friend who unfortunately isn't progressing very well at all.... so ya, we got out and met some people during the day and then we met with one of our new (very promising) investigators. He is such a cool guy I love him. We had a good lesson where we explained about the scriptures that we had shared last time (Plan of Salvation stuff). It was a really good lesson I thought! 

Friday we had an interesting experience with everything. We went and met people and all (street contacting is very popular can't you tell?) and then we went over to a member's house and ate (right after we had ate before). We met to try and meet with his neighbor and he straight up denied us. The dude had a very I'm better than you because I went to UC Berkley and ya! kind of attitude about him so I'm not to heartbroken about it. Anywho we then went to meet with another one of our investigators at the church and had a good recap of the first lesson! It was quite an enlightening experience for him haha! 

Saturday, we had all these plans and then they just kinda went to crap. So we went and met with a member ended up staying at her house (with like a thousand other people) for like an hour and a half talking. Then we ran to the church taught a lesson to the guy with the commandments problems. So we talked with him about it (the WoW one in particular seeing as how we had done all the others beforehand) and he said he had no problems. We commited him to live it and then ya! There was a wedding out our church so we went downstairs and helped them with that and ya! that was that!

Sunday, WOW this was a busy day. So you have to understand first of all that 광주 stake was having a very big goal to get 1000 people in the stake to partake of the sacrament and if they did they might be able to appeal the first presidency for a temple in the 광주 area. SO they did it! WAHHH!!! We had 210 people at sacrament meeting in comparison to our usual 130-140 which for Korea is still a huge ward! So we were busy running around trying to meet people and talk to them and ya! It was a blast. We were just meeting and talking and meeting and talking for hours! haha. So we did that, went out and 전도'ed some more (I met a guy who spoke english and was catholic so i basically went and asked him a bunch of scriptures quoted them to him asked them what they meant (all out of the bible) and told him all about how the Catholic church started and how the doctrine changed over time (Council of Nicea and so on) talked about Ezekiel 37:15-19 (The stick of Ephriam and of Judah) and basically just explained to him stuff that no one else but our church could explain! It was pretty legit I have gotta say. I really wanna find someone who thinks they know the Bible well because BOY have I got some news for them. It was fun :)) So ya then we went to a member's house and ate and that was the night!

So fun things I've eaten this week:
Raw Cow (which is actually really good),
Cow Liver,

So ya! It has been quite the time this week. We had a crazy week but it was awesome. I got to listen to Jeffery R. Hollands "Safety for the Soul" talk and that has been the best!

I love ya all thanks so much for all that you do! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Elder Crowther (Josh :))

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