Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two months in Korea

Welllll HELLOO there Poppy san!

How ya been big sir? I loved hearing about home, sounds like Coach Crowther is back in action there eh? Great to hear that the girls are doing good at home! so Alissa is a straight up boss then huh.... 9 steals... first game... that's pretty good! haha :) But hey you gotta remember I had a pretty good first game of the season too.. Well at least senior year anywho. That's good that she's an animal keep her quick and she will be a beast, she's so big haha. Just gotta keep her fighting hard.

Kellie is a defender too eh? Dang that seems to be a Crowther family special, I wonder where we get it... Dad... what'd you do??!? haha ;) SO ya she getting better at her ball handling and all that good stuff? If Kellie builds some good offence she's gonna be a boss I gotta say!

Jenna is getting some Varsity time! Good good good. She just needs to get a left hand and she will be fine. When she has that just get her in and let her play around the rim and noone will stop her at all! It's impossible when you can do that. Get her some go-to moves and she will be a giant in the middle. Also maybe teach her how to draw fouls a bit. That's be good, especially if she learns how to convert with contact. That'd be straight up legit.

Our area is seeing some progress but still not a whole lot. We have got 4 investigators who we are teaching and 1 of them I feel like is only meeting us because of the 30 mins of English we teach him. It gets frustrating. But we did get one of our investigators a baptismal date on Saturday and he is probably the closest and most sincere of the investigators that we have. Things have been pretty hard especially considering the crash that we had at the end of last transfer. Which reminds me, I am now a transfer old! So ya, I guess I am slowly but surely getting older out here haha.

So now to kinda give you my insights from the (almost) two months I've been out here. I love the work, it is hard... extremely so... and discouraging a lot of the time... but for some reason I keep getting up each morning to do it. SO hey, I guess that right there is a blessing in and of itself.

I'm pretty happy in that I love the members out here and the food and the fact I'm in Korea and all that good stuff but I'm not gonna lie, there are days (especially when everything just tanks, investigators drop, appointments fall through) that I just get mad. Somedays I just think "why the heck don't people want this?" "why don't people care if they have a father in heaven who loves them?" "why are people so content to just live without purpose here?" It bothers me a lot.

Things you could pray is just that the investigators that we have will have the will to know. To actually want to find out for themselves if this is true and then to do it. I really want to see some success soon and it's been a trial thus far already.

Things you can do :) MAIL! Oh my goodness I need mail! I have loved the letters ya'll have sent me, it has been so awesome. I especially like the inspirational quotes one - it has been really nice. I loved hearing from you all and it totally helped my whole day to just get some mail (I haven't gotten any from friends not on missions though) (BUT I did get some mail from Elder McCloskey (a.k.a Chasey boi) and that was pretty fun).

I am loving it here, but that definitely does not take away from the fact that this is not by any stretch of the imagination easy. I hope one of these days I'll see some success.

Anywho that's me. I love ya and am so grateful for all that you do for me :)
Love ya and I hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Crowther (Josh)


Dear Mom,

Yes, I know I know, I'm a fatty! I am working hard to get rid of it though believe me. I ain't gonna stay a fat boy :) So I sent you the email that I sent to Dad to which kinda has all the stuff in it for the week. But it is good to hear that Katie bug is keeping the shoes clean! It really does make a difference (even though you may not think so it really does haha!)

That is so scary for Heather! Oh my gosh, that is ridiculous. I don't have to worry about too much of that here seeing as how 9 times out of 10 people are intimidated by me because of my size (and then apparently by Korean standards I am pretty cute too so according to Elder Dodd there are some guys who get intimidated by that haha) It is pretty funny I have got to say!

I hope you all have a great Christmas, I didn't think I could get homesick but Christmastime is kinda hitting home. I was so grateful for the Christmas package that I got I can't even tell you. I loved the Reeses Puffs! Gah I eat my last bowl of them tomorrow. Also the Smurfs cereal was actually pretty good. I am enjoying it :) I hope you will keep me in your prayers and I really am excited to talk to you all on Christmas!

Love you so much Mom. Thanks for all you do. I wish I could give you a hug this Christmas but I guess it'll have to wait.... :(

Elder Josh Crowther :)

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