Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working Hard and Gaining Weight

Dear Mom/Family,

Well, hello there, how the heck are you doing?? I am just loving it out here in the grand Korea. So I hear you need some pictures eh? Well, I have been working on that. I have actually not taken all that many so I was less than inclined to send you the MTC pics that you already had. My bad!

So ya let me tell you about my week.

Started off on last Tuesday and we have really been working on trying to do something nice for the members and it has been pretty ridiculous. We have been working on trying to leave the members like little messages at their houses so that they can like remember us and maybe possibly give us some referrals. That has been a lot of what we have done this week. I have been pretty busy I must say.

I remember very well the stuff that they taught us at In-field. I try to use it every day but I find that I don't get to as often as I like. We talk to our ward mission leader pretty often, but we haven't really gotten much help from him outside of a couple meals at their house (which is nice I have to say). But ya, so we have done a lot of visiting members this week and we actually did last Monday get a new investigator. He is way tight and is missing the upper part of his right pointer finger but that is besides the point.

I had an interesting experience this week. I have been studying a lot of the vocabulary for the last couple days and I saw a significant improvement in my ability to hear and understand people. I actually have gone to a couple members houses where I actually understood 100% of what was going on. I didn't necessarily get 100% of what was said but it was pretty dang awesome I have got to say.

So this week we have 3 progressing investigators and it is pretty sick. One of them is the son of the mom I told you about last week (unfortunately she is not progressing). He has been praying and reading the BoM like a boss. He is so cool we even got him to come to stake conference. The next is the investigator we met on Monday, we met him again this week and he straight up told us he would like to come to our church this week :). He is so cool. Lastly is the investigator who we aren't sure if he was baptized or not. So an update on that. There is no record at all. Like none. Nada, zip, zilch. So we aren't exactly sure what happened (maybe he didn't get confirmed) but maybe we are going to have to baptize him again. So ya that's that.

Our other investigators have just kinda piddled out so we are kinda on a downward slope there hoping ot improve that soon so that we can get back rolling again :).

So ya that is that out here.

But dang I have got to say: we have a 3 year old dog othat I am going to get to meet :) I am pretty excited I have got to say. But ya....

So I have a confession to make....

I am 82.7 Kg. Like weight... that's like 185 pounds. I am a fatty.... Gah, so I am very diligent in working out in the mornings LET ME TELL YA :). Sounds like the girls are all doing awesome. I love to hear that they are playing some good old Basketball. Oh and tell Kellie when she can consistently make layups she can start trying half-court shots :).

Oh and one last story. So I was on a bus yesterday and these two old ladies started talking to me telling me that I was cute.... So I began talking to them and I talked about the gospel and stuff. But goodness gracious you should have heard that bus.... IT WAS SO QUIET!! OH my goodness it was crazy. Every single person on that bus was listening to me. It was nuts. So apparently people like listening to the giant white American guy on the bus who was speaking Korean. It was pretty funny. But on a side note, Koreans and how they find people attractive is completely different here. It's like a checklist, and apparently I pass the checklist. So ya... I get talked about a lot. It's fun to listen to hahahah!

I hope that all is well at home I am kinda sparce on information this week sorry.... ;(

I love you all so much and I promise I will try to do better next week!
Love you all enjoy the other email!
Josh (Elder Crowther)

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