Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rough week


We have a dog!!?!???!?!??!?!?!

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYY!!!!!!! Why on earth did you not let me adopt one eh? I wanted a dog all while I was home and you never let me get one... goodness.........

I am so excited, goodness gracious. Take good care of her and get some puppies :) That means you've gotta get another dog. I would like to have a dog :) That would be fun. Gah, that is so cool. I am excessively jealous of all ya'll back at home now. Jeez.....

So, interesting week in the MTC eh? I am so excited that Tyler and Cory are in the MTC - that makes me laugh. I will have to send them some Dear Elders. They will appreciate that I think :). So ya it is ridiculous, like all my friends are on missions now! It is so crazy! I love it.

So this week for Thanksgiving we are probably going to 전도 all day haha. I dunno, Thanksgiving isn't that big a holiday here from what I am getting, so my guess is we will probably just chill.

Now let me tell you about this last week.

It was HARD, oh goodness gracious it was hard. We just had a really hard week. We dropped like 4 of our investigators so we are really back at stage one again. We are going to try and work with the members much more this time around because we need referrals. Most of our investigators so far just weren't ready yet or had different interests in mind, so it is kinda difficult. We are working on a program where we are going to try and visit like all the members like as often as we can and leave them like little messages on their doors and stuff so that they will remember that we exist and maybe start trying to do some more missionary work. It hopefully will be a good idea but we need some prayers!

However, despite all of our hardships this week, we did have a great experience with the son of that mother and son that I told you about a couple weeks ago. He is way tight and we've been playing basketball with him and kinda built a good relationship with him. He is a good kid and we invited him to Stake Conference which he came to! So he is so good and he really heard some good stuff at Stake Conference (but I will tell you about that in a sec). We also are just trying to meet more and more with the members (our investigators that is) and hopefully that will help us build some friends amongst the members with our investigators.

Now lets see... Stake Conference was boss. This was like a super awesome stake conference because it was like the first time in history that the Prophet wanted to specifically address the people of Korea. So my stake conference was presided over by the prophet who also gave us an awesome talk. Also, L. Tom Perry spoke to us and some other lady who's name I forgot to write down.

L. Tom Perry, talked about the restoration and history of the church and I think that was way good for our investigator because it really gave him some background as to what everyone was really talking about. He talked about the restoration of the priesthood and baptismal ordinances and how important those were. It was way, way, way awesome!

Then the Prophet spoke; he talked about the "Rescuing the Lost Brigade." Gave a lot of different ways that we could do that and talked a lot about how people really can change. It gave me a lot of hope for the future. It was awesome because I think the members really got it into their heads that they need to be working at this as well as us.

All of this was boss for our investigator because let's be honest, how many people get to hear a Prophet of God on their first church visit? It was way cool, I just hope that he grew from it and wants to know more, he has been reading the Book of Mormon so hopefully we shall see him progress even more and maybe even be baptized!

It has been a rough week, please send some prayers my way. Also, please pray for my investigators and ask God to guide me to some of His prepared children.

I love you all so much, thanks for everything!

Love you,
Josh (크라우더 장로)

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