Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Alien and an Oyster


Well lets see how to describe things here in 대한민국...... pretty good :) It is going good. Hahaha, it has been a busy week full of ups and downs (as I am discovering that every week does) and so i've just gotta say another fun week in the mission field.

To start off before I answer any questions I have just got to say................... THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!.......

So ya I got your package and thoroughly enjoyed it's contents (If you know what I mean :)) I gotta say it was the third thing that I got here in Korea! So it was pretty dang exciting to get it :) I kinda freaked out. Hahaha. So yes.

It is officially.... not winter yet.... It's getting colder for sure but I have to say that it isn't really winter as in like the winter that I know yet :). Although I have heard from numerous people that it gets pretty ridiculous. So I will be thankful for the coat (the same one that I think every missionary in the world has ;)) so ya!!!!

This week we actually found 2 more investigators! It was pretty exciting and we got numbers off of 2 more people who are actually looking really good. We scheduled an appointment with one and the other was a guy that I met on the street the other day :). He did his army time and everything and seemed like an interesting and cool guy. So it has been a good week in that respect.

As to getting people to come to church though it has been rough. We got no more than we did last week and actually had to withdraw a baptisimal date from one of our investigators cause he didn't (we found out that he really doesn't have much gospel interest at all, only the fact that we teach english). But one of the new guys we found is really cool, he was gonna like become a monk like 2 days after we met him because he was so concerned about trying to be pure and good. But he is putting that on hold to study with us for a couple months and then he will make his decision. He's way tight though, we talked about some stuff and in the course of our discussion (lo and behold) I found out that he is studying French! So he was WAY surprised that I could speak a little bit (he can't speak at all but still) and ya it was just a boss time in all ways. He's so good :) So ya! That's pretty much it for that.

As for the lessons and stuff things are about the same as they where last week because we didn't have any come out to church. But the hard thing is they won't get any better because next week is Stake Conference over here and so people proabbly won't come......


But yes, as to transportation for you Mom. We take buses, we walk, we occasionally take taxi's (that's interesting) and ya! We are pretty safe. Especially because the fine for hitting a person from another country (specifically America) is pretty dang high. So people are pretty safe around us :). But ya...... Let's see.......

Oh ok, this is my fun experience this week. So we went to a restaurant with one of our investigators, it was his mom's restaurant and we ate....... OYSTERS!!!!! Ohhhh man it was good. They were like fresh too. So they got them, they were still alive, then they put them on the fire in front of us and watched them slowly die and then we ate them! :) It was fun. They had like this oyster thing that like wasn't in a shell it only had half. So they put it on the grill shell down and we watched it writhing in pain trying to get off it's shell that it's attatched to. Then it died and we ate it, it was pretty delicious I must say. I was like a carnivorous beast. It was fun :)

But yes, that was my week I am attaching some pics (we ate at a Korean buffet this week. It was nuts they had like Pain au Chocolate's there and stuff. It was delicious.)

Love you all, I know this gospel is true :)
크라우더 장로 (

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  1. Missions are hard and its the hard work and service you give that makes you love the people. Oysters, you are brave.