Monday, November 7, 2011


*note from Kris: Josh sent an email just for me this week, but included more general stuff in his email to David, so here are some bits from that:

I will start with the language seeing as how I'm going to answer the other two questions later. Language is actually going pretty well. I am slowly but surely beginning to understand more and more and it is starting to make sense. In fact, I even went to a member dinner the other night and I actually understood everything we talked about. Talked for like 1.5 hrs and it was just like, " HEY - I know what's being said!" It was pretty good. I still struggle if it is all 逢切奄 sprung on me [the Korean]; I kinda have to focus really hard to get it. So ya!

Me and Elder Dodd are doing awesome. We have recently decided we really like Ping Pong and need to beat the Koreans (because we play all the time) in a royal beating. So we have collectively decided to play a lot more ping pong. but we teach well together and we do really well. It's kinda funny because he's my district leader too. So that works out well. Our district is really small just 2 sets of elders but we do well. The other Elders area is struggling but they are gonna do awesome, I just know it.

First Zone Conference is on Thursday of this week. I will let you know more about that :). OH and I get my Korean nametag so I will send you a pic later :).

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