Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

Dear Ya'll!

First of all I would like to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

I hope you are all going to have an amazing day as Mom said filled with candy and chili and costumes and ghosts and fun! It is gonna be an awesome day for you I already know it (Probably because it's going on right now!)
As for me I am just here in 첨단 slaving away as usual! We are actually having a Halloween party tonight that we aren't 100% positive if we are going to be able to go or not but hopefully we will and If we can that'll be way sick!
Well yes, I am going to tell you about some experiences that I have had this week so lets get started!!

First of all we have my investigators. It has been a hard week and a good week at the same time with the 구도자's We have had alot of stuff going on. So first of all we have the Mother and her son that I told you about last week. We were only able to meet with them once and unfortunately we didn't get to teach a lesson because the Mom (the one with the real interest) wasn't there. So we chilled with her son got to know him a little better and just kind of hung out. It was disappointing but we still did get to go and they still want to meet with us so I guess taht is good! It is actually his birthday today so happy birthday to him!

Next off an investigator we got off of a 소개. He is way cool but we aren't sure about his interest in the church or not. Some days are really way good and others not so much. For example, we actually commited him to be baptized on the 27th of November. It was an awesome lesson, the spirit was there and he seemed really excited, so we invited him to come to church. So here we are: two smiling happy missionaries and what happens? He doesn't come to church, he's backing out of an activity that we invited him to and ya.... We are kind of confused but we shall keep working with him. Hopefully we will see some success there. He is a really good kid with a desire to change. We definitely figured that much out, we just gotta help him understand that coming to church and stuff is going to definitely increase the speed of that process. He's a way cool guy though (bought my companion a cake for his birthday on the 26th of this month HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER DODD!) but ya.

The next investigator that we have is a professor at a college. He is way cool, a really really nice guy with a big heart. He is Catholic and shares a lot of our beliefs but he has been reading the Book of Mormon and he is starting to really like it. It's way cool, but hopefully we can help him out. It would be so good to see him gain a testimony of the BoM and not just like it. Hopefully we shall see that happen soon :) Prayers for him!

We do have one guy who is way cool. He is a student at a university who is a brilliant guy with history. But he kinda isn't 100%. He really wants to join the church though and we are working to get him prepared. We had him interviewed by the bishop here and the bishop basically said that it is ultimately our choice as the missionaries. We will be working with him a lot. He's a nice guy, just not sure yet. But ya! Prayers for Elder Dodd and I; we need some guidance with him.

So those are our investigators at this point. We are working hard and things are going well between us (it's funny how a good companionship inventory can do that). We have had a couple hard days (namely Saturday and Sunday. All of our appointments on those two days just like crapped out. We had a guy fake us twice! GAH) But ya, loving it out here.

The language is coming slowly, but still it is coming. Our mission has this pass off thing that president wants all the missionaries to do so I can't really do as much of the study that I want (in fact I can't do any till I finish) so I am working on trying to get that done! it has been good though, I am learning quite a bit. I really just need to get off this 12 week program thing that I am currently on (MTC Infield Program, it's like they are trying to like break us into the field and stuff and have us start taking the lead in stuff. But my companion when he saw that I could speak a little bit (Brother Davis, Sister Corrigan just FYI they are all amazed at our 동이's Korean abilities thank you so much!) he just made me start doing stuff I didn't need to get broken in I just was like LETS DO IT!). I have 2 hours of comp study, then an hour of language. Most days we don't get out of the house till like 1. But recently we have had a lot of morning apts so I haven't been able to do my language because of the two hours of comp study.... It's hard...

But ya I am learning I can promise you that much! If you can send me more pics of fam and basketball and really anything at all that would be nice. I am putting them on my translator (which I am using a ton thanks so much!) and I can kinda show them to people. It's nice. Gotta build that relationship with people then people really do open up with you it's way cool. This will be a great P-Day I feel so I love ya all! OH if you wanted to email me a zip with some more music (Like Josh Groban'esque stuff I got some from my companion but anything there. OR like tons of cool arrangements of hymns, Let zion in her beauty rise, how firm a foundation, I know that my redeemer lives that kind of stuff) I would be gratefull I could use some more tunes (we listen to music while we study and contact formers and stuff some more would be nice :)) But ya!

Love ya all so much thank you for everything you do for me! I hope to hear from ya'll soon!

크라우더 장로! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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