Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm in Korea!

Hey Ya'll

Well I am officially here in Korea now! I made it safely and life is going great! Already have had some fun experiences here but I will tell you more about that in a sec.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you and all that you have done for me, I am sorry to mom and dad but NEITHER of you picked up your phones. I hope a message was ok with you both.

In the airport me and my companion went and contacted a guy! It was so cool, we talked to him about the church and what we do and everything. He was so nice and awesome I loved it! I get to do it in Korean tonight so we shall see how that goes.

So ya plane flight was crazy long, and not that comfortable but it was chill anyways. Got here in about 12.5 hrs, we traveled like 12000 miles to get here it was pretty ridiculous! I was crammed into that lttle seat for a very long time!

I slept like a baby though. Last night was WONDERFUL oh my goodness gracious it was just so wonderful I can't even describe it. Sleep is something that I will forever treasure I think. Gah!

So ya, I want to say I already LOVE my mission president. He is soooooo cool! Wow, I got to sit by him on the bus ride from the airport back to our mission. We talked about all sorts of stuff and he is just the coolest guy EVER! I look forward to getting to know him more!

So this morning we went to a Korean bathhouse. Basically it's a big room with a bunch of guys showering and sitting in pools and doing the sauna and all sorts of cool stuff. It rocks, I love it, best way to wake up in the morning. Gah, it was so good.

I'll let you know more about my adventures on Monday (Because I'm sure that there will be more) but ya I love you all. The church is true and life is AWESOME!

크가우더 장로!

Picture: Mark and Julie Ann Furniss (Josh's mission president and his wife)

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