Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello from Suwon (2nd week)

Hello again from good old 대한민국 [Korea]. Elder Carter and I have had a pretty ridiculous week if I do say so myself! But my typing is getting progressively slower and slower so I will do my best to crank out a good email for ya'll!

Started off with last Monday which was pretty crazy if I do say so myself. We went to 신갈 [Singal] which is on the edge of our mission (which actually had to go into 서울 [Seoul] to get there) and played basketball at the impressively large church building there (one of the only ones that I know of in Korea that has a basketball court in it!) So we had a very awesome time doing that, got to play some ball and discovered that despite the fact that I have gained 10 kilos since I came to Korea, I am still able to touch the rim! It's gotta be all that walking, hum.... I'll keep doing that! But ya so then we went and met with a guy by the name of 이동엽. He was pretty cool and we set a return appointment with him, which was really cool. I will talk more about him in a sec, he is not a happy ending.... yet... Then we went and 전도'ed the rest of the night away and that was it! Pretty uneventful day if you ask me but we are still working hard!

Tuesday was pretty fun. We started off the day eating at an awesome restaurant called 아자아자 [hip hip]. WHICH has the most HUGEOMONGEOUS 돈까스 that I have ever seen. It is nuts! So far I have eaten 2 from there (which probably has contributed to the nice ring of fat that currently occupies my waist). ANYWAY, we had our first district meeting and it was great. I got to introduce myself to all the people in our district and it was pretty legit if I do say so myself. It is actually pretty cool- Elder Miller from the MTC (my comp in the MTC) is actually in my district now. So we got a chance to talk and work together and stuff and it is pretty cool! So YA then we went for a district activity back to 신갈 again and did a 전도 activity where I went with our Zone leader and got to talk to a bunch of crazy people that live outside of 서울. That was interesting. Then we went back to our area and put up some advertisements for English CLass and ya! Went and met with a member and 식사'ed and it was legit! Went and met with this "new investigator" that I called and it actually turns out that he is a long lost less active who just happened to move back to 수원 about a month ago. SO that was good! We then went and did some good old fasion 가가호호'ing and called it a night.

Wednesday was a little different. We started off the day with study like usual but we went to meet with this one guy at his office and it was good, but then he took the last 5-10 mins of our meeting to just beast us on how bad our Korean was....mine in particular because he had already met with Elder Carter. So ya that was pleasant and ya, we went and met with this foreigner named David (....what are the chances right?) and he is way cool. Except... he's from Cleveland.... and a LeBron hater.... I don't know if I can teach him.... hahahaha.... 농담! He is way cool. We went and talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon and stuff and it was good. More of just a get to know thing for me! So ya it was good! SO we also went and met with this other less-active named... 이병환 he is cool but won't come to church.... Always makes excuses.... grrrrrrrrr. So we will work on him. We then came home 식사'ed and it was great. We went to English class and it was fun, prepared a message and all and just had a good time :) Got done and went home!

Thursday was cool. We just worked hard all day visiting people and 전도'ing. Not really a whole lot to report on that.... EXCEPT, Elder 박 beasted us all on the use of slang... specifically like "Mormon Swear Words"...... So I was feeling bad because he like pulled out a bunch of quotes by L. Tom Perry and the white handbook and stuff.... SO I am trying to stop using those words, SO I may begin to use GRRRRRRRRRR a lot..... just fyi. 

Friday 'twas a good day-- we went and did weekly planning and then 전도'ed most of the rest of the day. Talked to people and stuff and then we went and met with a guy by the name of 장은진 he is way WAY cool! he is so nice and receptive and he wants an answer and EVERYTHING. He's just awesome. WOW, it's been nuts. SO ya, then we went to a member's house and 식사'ed at their house. While we like sharing our message and everything and I was bearing my testimony the husband just farted like SO LOUD. We all just busted up laughing and then ya he was just like "Ughhhhh gas......" it was funny. 

Saturday was a lot more finding in the morning, so we put up English advertisements and we talked to people on the street and then at 5 o'clock in the afternoon we went to this play that the YM/YW were putting on and it was crazy. They had some funny acts and stuff but I think the worst was that one of the songs that they danced to had the following lyrics repeated like 10000000 times: "I got a Hangover.... I been drinkin' too much...... I don't wanna grow up.... I just wanna drink until I throw up....." SO all us American elders just were busting up in the back and it was great. But the dance was cool all things considered. Then we went and just 가가호호'ed and ya! 

Sunday was fun, we went to church and all and my man Martin was there. He is this guy from Cameroon who is a less-active and can only come to church every other week but he is SOOOOO cool. We chatted and stuff, it was great. Then we went to Gospel Principles with one of our investigators. We had this member come and he just took over and totally BEASTED our investigator. Talked to him about like the Galaxy and stuff.... I didn't understand it all but when I walked out I felt more intelligent than when I walked in. So it was great. Priesthood was good but I didn't understand it at all and so that was kinda hard. Went home did comp study and all then a member called and we went with him to go talk to Less-Actives! So we drove around for a while and me and Elder Carter just played a lot of rock-paper-scissors with his daughter. that was fun. Went to their house after a while of driving/visiting and 식사'ed with the SIster Missionaries as well (which I forgot to tell you about, we have one of my younger 동기 in my district too!) and ya that was fun! went and 가가호호'ed and this was the first day that people actually opened the door. In fact it was pretty odd. But it was great because I've never actually had a door slammed in my face till yesterday! So ya the first door I knocked, they opened up the door and I was like "Hi" he then was like "Ahhh, you're the Mormons....." and slammed the door.... Great way to start I thought. So ya! That was the night

TODAY however I have to ask some questions for ya'll at home. I read all your emails and It is so good to hear about all your experiences with missionaries lately! That is so cool. But first of all... How is Jacob already home? I swear he left like yesterday, it is ridiculous, ya'll should send me his email so I can write him. Second, are all my sisters just like these amazing awesome athletes and I just have to be on the other side of the earth for it to all of a sudden "come to pass?" Grrrrr...... I want to see it, I'm so jealous that ya'll can watch it but at the same time, SO PROUD of all my sisters( and my 훌륭하신 [revered] parents :) for teaching them so well!) I hope all is well at home. 

Oh, I would like to tell you about my last night resolution. I am buying a gym pass with my comp and we are going to the gym. I am getting rid of this fat ring. It will DISAPPEAR!!! AHHHHH So ya, we are buying gym passes (like 40 dollars) and it is going to be great. I will get thin and attractive and everything. It'll be great!   

Love ya all so much and I hope ya'll are doing well at home. Remember that this church is true. Every day it brings so much peace to my heart to know I have a Father in Heaven that loves me and is watching over me. He wants us to find Him, that's why we can pray, that's why we can read the Book of Mormon and feel His love. He wants us to know :)!

Love you all, have an awesome week!
Elder Josh Crowther

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