Sunday, June 3, 2012

A very VERY busy week

Dear Family!

WAhhh!!! We have been all over the place this last week! (Like I can't even tell you, it has been ridiculous) and apparently for us we have another very Very busy week. Wahhhh.......


So ya I will give you the update on our Baptismal candidate (named 손동철) and ya. Me and Elder 이가하 have been working really hard on getting him prepared to be baptized. He has gotten all of the lessons and it is awesome. But he is still nervous about baptism. I am not 100% sure what his concerns are it has been really hard trying to figure that out. But as of yet the date still stands. We met with him yesterday and it was just a very hectic day.... I'll tell you about it.

We met with him on Saturday and I told him that I would call him to get him up in the morning. So at 8AM I called him (like 3 times till he woke up) then he confirmed he was coming to church and ya. So we go about our average morning and all and about 8:45 he calls back. So I answer and all of a sudden he is like "I can't go to church"...... So we asked why and he says "I have to clean my room.... my parents have a guest coming over" SO we are like... "alright we'll come help you clean we'll be at your house in 10 mins" SO we dash out the door and head to his house to meet up with him. He persistently tells us not to come and that we can't do anything but we come anyway (persistent little missionaries hehe) and ya. We get to his house and he comes out and talks with us. We talk for like 45 mins... (church starts at 9:30) and just kept trying and trying to convince him to come to church. But for some reason as we talked to him we just could not convince him to come. Just could not. So we left to head to church and my heart just cried. I couldn't understand why he wasn't coming. I just could not understand. He is so close, SO close and I just couldn't understand. So as I'm standing there on the bus and going to church suddenly we get a call from him. All of a sudden... He can come! So we turn around and hop in a taxi head back to his house and take him to church. It was a good meeting (but we missed the sacrament, unfortunately...) and so ya. He for the first time actually stayed for all of the meetings. At the end of the day we went and dragged him into a classroom and talked about baptism and the baptismal questions and he promised us that he would pray about being baptized and stuff.

He hasn't been keeping commitments as good as we'd like but he's getting there little bit by a little bit. Hopefully he will actually have a good solid week of actually praying and reading the Book of Mormon so he can get baptised on Saturday (we moved it forward a day) So we will find out today. Please keep him in your prayers tonight if you would. That would be awesome.

Anyways ya, we also had zone conference this week and it was a really good experience to get to go to 대전 and meet up with president and all of the other missionaries. It was really good. Then afterwards in Zone Conference Review (more meetings as a ZL 역시) and ya it was good. Had to give my opinion on a couple things and it is really interesting as an AZL that I get to have some real input and stuff. It's kinda intimidating but cool at the same time.

This week however is going to be a lot more of the same old trying to be a million places at once kinda business. Plus we have to somehow try and get 손동철 baptized AND ya.

This is gonna be nuts. But we are however going with our stake to 안면도 on Wednesday. It is gonna be a blast, we will be at the beach and although I can't go in the water (which apparently just fyi most Koreans can't swim.... interesting eh?) I will take lots and LOTS of pics for you. It will be sweet.

As to this week I have some pics that I will send to you I hope you enjoy! I took some with the sisters that were in the MTC with me that I haven't seen in forever and ya it was fun!

I hope all of you know that this is God's work. I feel the spirit in this work and I truly know this is true. This is God's church, the Book of Mormon is God's word. All you gotta do is read it and you will feel that truth for yourself. How cool is that :)!

I love this gospel and I know it's true!

And alsoooo...


Elder Josh

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