Sunday, June 10, 2012

WOW busy week

Dear Familia!

Well it has been a crazy week this week. And unfortunately it did not end up the way I would have wished it would though. I'll tell you a bit in just a second.

But before that....

YOU RAN A MARATHON! WAHHH! That is SO crazy...... Oh my goodness, how does one manage to run that many miles? That is nuts. Completely and totally nuts. But I have to say congratulations that is quite the accomplishment and you both worked hard! Maybe I might have to go running with you when you get back. I still am sporting some dunlops disease (ask dad about that) so I am going to be in need of some hard core recovery time when I get home.

I am attaching some of the pictures from our trip to the beach so ya, we were exhausted afterwards and I got myself a pretty nice looking tan after I was done (besides my watch line and my shirt line) I am looking pretty interesting and from what I can tell it is only going to get worse! Wahhooo! I got to do wrestling and played soccer at the beach and it was wonderful (you should have seen the wrestling though it was so fun ahha. I've never even done it before in my life, and BOY was it awesome, unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of that so I can't show you more but it was way fun that's all I have to say).

The weather here in Korea is starting to heat up and boy let me tell ya my body doesn't like 습기 (humidity) and I sweat like a dog! It is wonderful let me tell ya, I am getting used to the 50% humidity I can endure that pretty good but if it starts to go over that (which it does EVERY DAY) I begin to just die because of the sweat (If you look at the pictures that I attached of ZLC's you will see I am nice and glossy).

But ya, we also had ZLC's this week which was a great experience. I got to hear from some of the greatest minds in the mission and it was wonderful. I totally have the desire to be SUCH a better missionary! It is such a blessing to have examples like that in our mission and I hope that one day I can be like them! WAH!

But ya. Unfortuantely this week our baptism did not go through. 손동철b has some concerns still about getting baptized (more like he just wants to do it later in life, he already knows he needs to be baptized, he admitted that and that It was a good thing. He just wants to do it later like after Army service in college.....) So ya we are still working on helping him out, it will be a process but hopefully he will get that answer from God when he needs to get baptized (we are hoping and praying that it is soon) so ya.

This week was just a hard week overall to be honest. We had a lot of things going on and as far as getting a chance to get out and do the work really solid we didn't have a whole lot of time so we are going to buckle down and pick things back up this week!

So I have been doing something lately that I want all of you to try! It will be a fun FHE activity and frankly I have learned a lot through doing it. In PMG chapter 6 at the very end of the chapter (honestly if you just turn to chapter 7 it's on the other page which is the very last of chapter 6) there is a Christlike attributes examination. I have been trying to take this on a pretty regular basis to see how much I am progressing as a person and as a missionary. So I think that if all you at home want to take that and just be honest don't show it to anyone else but take that little evaluation and evaluate where you are. Then pick a couple of the things and set some goals to be better this week. I know that as I have tried to do it, it's been really hard. BUT when I honestly try my best it is so cool to see how I progress just a little bit! And that's what this life is all about 발전. Progression. Every day a little bit here and a little bit there.

I really like the scripture Helaman 3:35 which talks about progression and I think we can apply it to ourselves too! Every day we can try a little bit harder, to be a little bit better. As we do so we really do progress and become better people and more worthy sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. I can't remember where I heard this said BUT I heard that "God doesn't expect perfection NOW, but he does expect progression."

I certainly have come a long way and I've still got a dang long way to go. But I know that I am making a little bit  of progression. It is slow, sometimes tedious, sometimes it's even really REALLY difficult so much that it may seem that we can't do it. But remember 1 Nephi 3:7 and try and watch how God helps us out! It's so cool!

I love you all and am so thankful for all that you have done for me!
You are all awesome and I look forward to hearing from you again soon!
Elder Josh

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