Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Crazy Week in the 대전 선교부 본부

Wow, this was a pretty insane week I have got to say. So like I told you last week I got transfered to 대전 and have been working as the guy who does almost everything in the office (in a week or two I will do everything).

Long story short:

There are a lot of things to do.

I Basically make reports/record stuff/order stuff/help Sis Furniss/help Sis Brunson/Do whatever President needs/etc.......


It's definitely fun and all (I like being back in front of a computer that is kind of my natural enviroment you might say) BUT I do get frustrated not being able to get out and do the work as much as we would like. It is interesting..

And on top of that, I get the wonderful job of trying to translate sacrament meeting. That is a pain let me tell ya. I've almost been out a year and ya........ still dont get it all..... probably won't ever get it ALL but I am hoping that one of these days I will at least start getting MORE. It is hard, but I think that the people who are at the real disadvantage are the people on the receiving side of the translation. It has gotta be horrible..... Hahaha. Wow

Anyway It has been a busy week we had transfers so I was busy trying to get everyone checked in and checked out and just ya...... Long story short. Tired. Very very tired.

But besides that we do get time on saturdays and sundays (as well as every other day from 6-9) to get out and prosylete/teach and stuff SO ya that was fun. I am still getting used to the new ward but my companion is a stud. Love him so much hahaa. His name is Elder Hwang. 황희승 장로 for those who can read korean. He is SO cool. Love the guy so much. We have a great time together and keep the 본부 running pretty good!

Ya! that was my week. We got out and met some people on Saturday and Sunday we were just busy trying to be visiting members and build some 정. SO it was a pretty good two days. GOt another busy week ahead of me but ya!

It is so good to hear that everyone back at home is doing so good.... except Dad.... who has died from pneumonia again...... Dangit Dad kick that thing! No more being sick for you! You are too good of a guy! You are going to Lake Powell so you have got to get over it soon! Gosh man!!! And Mom and the Girls all got to go to Girls Camp eh? That has got to be fun. I love hearing how my sisters are just being the best. It makes me so happy. My family is just the best. I really miss you guys :) But hey! We will get to see each other in December! (Cause who knows if I'm still in the office I sure am gonna make sure that I get to Skype!)

I think that one of the awesome scriptures that I studied was in Alma 38:5 (but I replaced Shiblon with Joshua). I really have got to learn how to "rely on the Lord" a lot more now. I am doing stuff that is important but doesn't exactly have the results I would like to see.... I really am going to need that support. A lot. It's kinda frustrating to be perfectly honest. But I know that through relying on the Lord I can make it work.

I love you all so much, I hope you know that. I hope you will remember little old me in your prayers because I need 'em. Remember that the church is true. Remember that and don't ever forget it. God lives and loves us. Know that, rely on that truth. It'll get you through anything.

Love ya'll! Have a good week!
Elder Josh

P.S.(for Dad): Happy Fathers Day (from last week) AND.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! From this week!!!! I hope that you have an awesome week! Love you so much and thank you for being MY dad :)

P.P.S. I love you all!

Because I said I would, here is some pictures!  OH btw I got a haircut this morning!

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