Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2, wow that is really weird............

So ya.... um.... 안녕..... haha

It has been a definitely different week here in the 삼성 Ward, It has really been interesting to try and get adjusted to the schedule here and not go crazy and all. The area we are in currently is on a down streak... So we have to try and recover it during the time that we have during the week....hard eh?

Anyway, all in all it was a good week! We got some good work done in the office and things just went really well there, wish that would transfer over to the  issionary work we are doing here faster, that would be awesome! But ya...... So as to this last week we had little success in actually meeting people besides recent converts and less actives, so we did a lot of that this week. It was good to get to know some more of the people here in this ward. I need to know them more!  hhhH!!!!! So ya. We are working hard, Elder 황 and I, and we are planning on seeing some success (as soon as we find some investigators to teach. That'll be great!) So ya!

Thank you so much for the fasting! Oh, I can't tell you how much I need that. My language skills are probably the thing that I stress about the most because I don't get a whole lot of time (and by that I mean absolutely no time) to study it at all. But I am trying to get on top of things so that I can get some good language study time in too!
That'd be really good if I could get all that done as well!

So ya........ I don't know exactly what I can tell you about this week.... Not a whole lot happened... BUT I can tell you about what I was thinking about yesterday as we fasted.

So fasting to me is REALLY hard. I do it and all and I love seeing the blessings that come from it.... But......... I have like absolutely no energy at all. And I usually get really quiet and frustrated looking when I have no energy (which is why I'm not much of a morning person I think) but despite all this I still LOVE to fast because the blessings that it brings are so real! But ya, so yesterday as we were walking around I was thinking about WHY we fast. And the answer to that is simply to bring our bodies into subjection with our spirit. But yesterday I thought about why.

The things that the body wants the most are: 1) Water 2) Food (that is if we leave out air but we don't have to fast from that) So anyway. I thought about how I was feeling as I fasted and I realized that when we fast our bodies literally lose all excess energy that we have at all. Like it's all gone. But as we go about doing the things that we
choose to do while we fast it takes that much more effort. The things that we do while we fast are truly the things that we WANT to do. Why? Because our body doesn't have excess energy to do ANYTHING else. All desires, all feelings, all thoughts are controlled completely and totally by our will.

I thought that was pretty cool. I already have an agenda of things that I want to kinda study next time I fast because I want to see how I can make my fasts not only spiritually more effective but mentally also. I want to really learn how to suck every single blessing I can out of fasting (because it's really hard and I would like some
blessings if I'm gonna do something hard haha).

Anyway it has been a good week! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope all of you have a good week as well! Know that I love you all and am so thankful for all that you do! Remember that I know that the church is true and that God lives. Don't forget it :)

Elder Josh!

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