Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Week in the office of the Korea 대전 mission!

Well well well if it isn't my family sending me emails on yet another P-Day!

It has been an awesome week last week and I have got to tell you why!

SO ya, we started off last week with the 4th of July and because it was my birthday on P-Day we had the 4th of July and my birthday on the same day! It was SO cool!! We got to eat cake and to be honest one of the sisters in my district right now is also born on the 2nd so we had a huge party! Our whole zone was there and it was just the best! Then to top it all off afterwards we went out to a new investigator appointment and he didn't punk us! So we got to meet and talk about the church with him and all and it was just a good birthday.

The rest of the week was pretty similar to be honest. Elder (Hwang) 황 and I worked really hard and we saw a lot of success. We were able last week to find 3 new investigators and that was awesome. We also were able to get 3 member lessons and it is just awesome (that's not a lot in other areas of the mission but for the office elders that's pretty decent) And ya. We had a really decent week :)

It was pretty great I gotta say. Although we only met them all once so...... ya....

But as to the office work it has been going pretty well. I am keeping people on their toes so ya. I think that the people that the previous SM/MR's have associated with are probably hating me (because I harass them a lot with orders and things) but ya! We got some new 전도 cards in from 서울 which was nice (like I said I harass people a lot :))

But ya, I will answer your questions now Mother :)
  1. As to where we live. We live in the mission office home. It is literally above the mission office. We just go upstairs to go to bed. :) Pretty nice!
  2. My companions name is Elder Hwang. He is from 인천 and has been on his mission almost the same as me :). He left the MTC a month before I got there. We are a pretty beasty companionship. YA :)
  3. Yes, there are other Elders in the office. The AP's, there are also the Office Senior couple: the Brunsons! But ya the AP's are the best, they make me happy when skies are gray. He is looking at me right now. One of their names is Elder Campbell. He is taking slow menacing steps toward me. It is kind of creepy........
  4. We are in the 삼성 ward, it is awesome. Fun ward and yes we do go tracting!
  5. Typical day in the office: wake up - personal study - companion study - office work (whatever needs to be done: preparing graphs or things for outgoing/incoming missionaries or ya.) till 5 o'clock - eat - MISSIONARY WORK!!!! That is pretty much the average day :)
  6. Thing I like best: I get to use a computer, Air Conditioning, being around President and the AP's and the Brunsons all day :) it's awesome!
  7. Yes, i got the package from the random guy
  8. One day later I got the package from home :) It was awesome although I have got to say that sparklers indoors is not the best Idea we have ever had.......... I'll tell you more about that when I get home.


It is so great to hear about everything going on back at home. Jenna had some beast AP's and all the girls (except our star athlete katie bug/Mom and Dad a.l.k.a (also lovingly known as) the bear) slept out at the Parade route. Did it rain on you like it did on me and Jenna? except that wasn't rain.... that was a sprinkler.....gah...........
So great.... hahaha

Also so fun to hear about the 4th! Gotta love the good ole' US of A. I know I do :) But I also love me some 대한민국 too :). Anywho it was fun to see all the pics and stuff AND to say that Dad got lazy and hasn't been shaving (Dad I will follow your amazing example and I'm taking a no shaving vow until I leave the office :) hahahahaha )

Also Mom I love the blog post you put up. I have some comments: 
First I totally am MATURE thank you very much...... maybe... not sure... i'll get back to you on that one.......yah..
Second: yes I could use a back scratch right now to be honest!
Third: I love ya Mom :)

And also to Dad, I actually had my interview with president here just a minute ago and we got talking about camping. It seems like there is a really strong connection with fathers-sons-camping. It brings a lot of really good memories. Some stuff that I'll never forget. Thanks Dad for being my bud. Love you! (I still have to give you crap though I was talking with one of the AP's and somehow we got talking and I remembered.... man... you could have worked at GOOGLE!!! haha)

Last but not least to the girlzies. I love you all tons! It is so fun to hear about how you are all growing up and stuff. It's really kind of weird. I see pictures of you and you are all big and stuff. Katie's running 10k's with Mom, Kellie is working and making the GREEN, Alissa is being a stud on the soccer field leading her team to victory after victory, Jenna is beasting AP's and ditching me to go to BYU Hawaii....... Ya'll are crazy! It's so cool to see you all growing up. I love you all and hope that ya'll still remember your big (somewhat annoying and slightly chubby) brother loves ya.

I love you all! I really do, I hope you have an awesome week and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Josh 크라우더 장로!

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