Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hey! Guess what! it is RAINY SEASON!

Dear Family/Other people (if Mom (or dad) decides to read this at the lake......실망하다..... 제가 가고 싶은데......)


Ya, so it has been another pretty good week here in the Daejeon Mission. But before I tell you about me I have to say.... Sarah Taylor is coming here???? What???? I'm in the office so I have access to all of the people who have gotten their calls from now till like January of next year. I make the little cards that president uses on his board so like ya! Wow, that's weird I'll like have to make that and stuff.......WEIRD.....

But ya, she actually hasn't hit the system yet here so I can't see that she is officially a part of the mission yet  (although I do know some people who will come to the mission next year but ya....) but I will definately let you know as soon as I see her hit our system!

So we had a pretty good week! We got to meet with some people and had some really good lessons. As well as this week for I think one of the first times in a really REALLY long time our district leader did a split with the Elders in the Office. So I went on a split! It was so good! We taught a way good lesson to one of our investigators and he is actually progressing this week as well as 소개ing us one of his friends. It is so cooL! We are meeting with them on Tuesday this week (tomorrow) and I was texting him yesterday and he said he's really excited to get together and meet again! He is such a cool guy. He is meeting us twice a week so that is way nice!

So ya this week has been pretty fun we had a lot of lessons and a lot of time spent trying to find productive things to do (long story short I'm running out of them). I am now officially two transfers ahead on transfers and things so I am looking for fun things to keep my mind occupied because I have to be in the office all day. BUT it has been a good experience and I hopefully and keeping things running alright.

As to the missionary work here it is going pretty good! Me and Elder 황  are keeping the area going alright and we are having some pretty cool success. We are having the opportunity to meet a lot of fun cool people and all so I really enjoy it. We have had some really spiritual lessons and all which has really been a blessing to me. I am so happy that I am finally learning how to teach. It is such a relief I have got to say. I have been out here almost a year I am glad that I can talk to people and kind of explain what I am wanting to say. It feels good, I gotta say.

I'm sending you some pictures that I took from my birthday and other times. I to be honest haven't taken a whole lot of pictures of myself but I have taken some :). Also I thought you'd be interested to know that Elder Meigs (one of the AP's here) is teaching me how to play the guitar. So I am slowly (oh so slowly) learning a musical instrument...again.... but ya. It's been fun.

I did want to tell you about a lesson that we had on last week. It was when I was on a split with Elder Duncan and we had a lesson with a guy by the name of 김세환 (I'm assuming that you know how to read 한글 at this
point so I will just keep using it). We got to talking and we just talked about God. We talked about how he is our Father. He loves us. He wants to guide us. He wants to bless us. All we have to do is trust him enough to do what he asks. How cool is that? (I think pretty cool). I also love the Book of Mormon. 3rd to last paragraph is what Joseph Smith said and as we shared that with him it was so cool to see the fervor for the BoM. It truly does help us to get to God. It brings us so close to him. I am still trying to find out why, I have read the Book of Mormon almost 4 times while on my mission (I think thats pretty good!) and It is so cool to see how God guides me through that book. It baffles me (I mean you have stories like Teancum in there!) but every time I read it I come out feeling stronger. It's the best. It's truly God's book. It's his word. I love it!


Ya, love ya'll have a great time at the lake~~~~ 수영 재미 있게 해주세요! 제가 할 수
없으니까, 많이 해주세요!
Elder Josh!

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