Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well hello there ya'll!

Well it was another week here in the good old 대전 선교부 I have been busily working but this week was kinda hard. I don't know quite what it was but I just was like 정신 없다.... I just translated that and it doesn't quite describe the feeling right but I can't think of it right. We did 선교사 업 but my mind wasn't there? I dunno it was a hard week for me focus wise. It may have to deal with the fact that I picked up all of the financial stuff this week and my workload with transfer time coming up just keeps doubling daily. It is hard to stay on top of everything that I have to do. *phew Big breaths and keep going I guess. My to-do list keeps growing longer and longer and I only know how to do about half of it. THEN I gotta try and do missionary work as well..........

Ya, but gotta keep going right!? Wahoo! If I ever get on top of everything that I have to do it will be a really great day let me tell ya! You should just see the fat stack of stuff that I have to do in the financial office right now.... keeps growing longer and longer and longer (and that is just from the stuff that I have gotten this weekend)

Ya. 바쁘겠지요? Anyways It was just a lot of studying and trying to meet with people this week. Unfortuantely our baptismal date guy Moved!!! NOooooo!!! He went down to 광주 and hasn't answered our phone calls since like last week.... Kinda dumb so we can't like 소개 him down there to the elders or something. It is unfortunate.......... We have been working with this guy named 김세환 who we are pretty close with and we will hopefully get him to accept a date here pretty quick. We have extended the commitment to him and he said yes but he hasn't accepted a date..... We will keep working. Pray for him will ya? That'd be awesome!

So..... ya I have just been busily working and all and this week (besides yesterday) just flew by... It was so fast. Then there is the fact that I hit my year mark this week and I actually have been thinking quite a bit about how much I have progressed but then at the same time it has also been kind of an eye opening experience to see exactly how far I have to go (in terms of the growth I wanna see in myself). I know I'm not the same person I was when I left (thank heavens for that, I look back at myself last year.... dang... I wouldn't have liked myself if I met myself now. But I hope to be saying the same thing again next year because if I can progress that much more I might be getting closer to being a little more who I would like to be. 

I guess since I have some time to talk (I have quite a few things to think about right now and I have time cause I have nothing else that needs to be done. SO this is the personal growth that I want to see in myself:

1. Harder Worker
2. Go to guy
3. Whatever I am doing always 정신 있게 함 (sorry again that won't translate  (maybe all might, mind, and strength??) )
4. Rely on the lord 100%
5. 100% Obedient (this is a hard one let me tell ya)
6. Better Korean Speaker (유창하게)
7. More Christlike (especially: Love/Charity, Humility, Obedience, Diligence)
8. 100% Missionary 110% of the time
9. Anxiously being the person I CAN be as opposed to who I AM.
10. Spiritual Giant (An example of the believers - Tim 4:12)

I sincerely hope that I can achieve those things. (I am printing this out to be honest I need this for me too!) I need some help doing it because trust me it is not by any stretch of the imagination easy. I hope you will all keep me in your prayers! 

Anyway I hope ya'll had an awesome week (pack on the Aloe Vera you sunburnt Crowthers!) Ya'll better know that I love ya! Remember that I know that God lives. He truly does "show us our weaknesses - Ether 12:27" any time I take some time to think I found out all about mine. I also know that as we rely on him that he will make those strengths. I really need that strength He so willingly gives us. I need it all the time. I love you all so much, I miss ya!

Take care, remember that the Gospel is true!
Elder Josh

 The one with me and the people in the fancy clothes is the Brunsons. They are the senior couple that are going home coolest people ever!  

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