Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wow..... didn't see this coming!

Dear Family!!!

Wahhhh crazy week!!!!!!!

Like you have no idea! It is gonna absolutely blow all of your minds.

So to start off the week, however, we had a good week up till Wednesday! Then surprisingly, Wednesday night we got a call from President Furniss. I am being transferred. To the Mission Office! I will be serving as the Supply Manager/Mission Recorder/Financial Clerk (because our office couple goes home in a month). So I had to pack up my stuff and get here to the 본부 (office) on Saturday morning! In addition to that my area (because 율전 [Yuljeon] area didn't have a whole lot going on) is closing and they are making 신풍/율전 areas a 2 man area.
Crazy eh? Elder 이가하 is finishing up and I am already here so that area is clean.

Wow.... but we had investigators in that area. Let me tell you about them......

순동철 had an interesting week. I told you last week that he was going on this "adventure" and so he wouldn't be coming back soon (so he said) well, he came back!!!! And we were able to meet him and talk with him once (before I got my call on Wednesday) and then after that we called him back and were like "let's meet cause Elder Crowther has to go!" So we met up and had a good chat with him and stuff and it was good! We even got him another baptismal date and stuff but because me and Elder 이가하 have both left I don't know if that will go through or not!

We will see if that goes through! It would be really awesome if it did. I would thoroughly appreciate it! It would make my life a WHOLE lot easier if he would stop saying "i'll do it when I go to college or after army".


But ya, as to now, I have been assigned as the supply manager and mission recorder and soon the financial guy so in not very long I am going to have a TON of stuff to do! But lately, I have just been working and trying to get this all done. There is a lot to remember and try to do. Kinda stressful lots to remember and all but it's alright!

So ya, I'll send you pics a little later today (seeing as how I have like no time limit or anything). So ya!

Sorry there wasn't a whole lot of interesting stuff this week I just got thrown to 대전 [war] so ya!

Hey, I hope you know I love you all! Take care!

Elder Josh

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