Sunday, July 14, 2013

Well, time just seems to keep flying... just not much left...

This is so weird to hear from all of you and to see pictures of you with everyone that I know. It truly just blows me away. So weird... like so SUPER weird
We had a good week however. We got things all taken care of finally and things started rolling. We are teaching about 14 investigators now and things are really picking up. It takes some time to find but once we get some people we can kinda get things moving which is exciting! We have appointments almost every single day of the week and we are just busting our butts to try and make sure that while we are teaching we are still trying to find and teach Less-Active members and new investigators as well. It's good stuff. Tiring but good stuff!
I have been REALLY tired of late. Yesterday church was hard. I almost fell asleep standing outside to greet people beforehand, just tired. But still it was a good meeting. We had an investigator that we picked up this week come to church (he has actually been coming out now for a couple of weeks and his son recently was baptized!) So we are working with him now but I feel like it is going to take some time for him. Needs to get the whole social thing worked out. Koreans are a very social people, so if the social stuff isn't right, things aren't right. SO ya. We will try to help with that as much as possible.
This week we gave a training on Feeling the Holy ghost. It was such a good meeting. The spirit was with us and in talking with people they all mentioned that they felt the spirit and were excited for the future! It was awesome. Keep working hard. It was honestly a relief to get training out of the way. I am just reading the Book of Mormon now and it feels great. I love it ;) No pressure. Just peace :) Awesome :) 
Lots of smilies right?
So anyway, I am now just working hard but things just keep dragging my mind to the fact that I am going home soon. The bishop asked me to give a talk on the 28th and yesterday I got a call from 황성규 so you all will get to meet him! He's so awesome. You are going to love him. Also I am working on getting things figured out for the trip. But, gotta do things one step at a time :). So ya.
This week I just want to add my testimony to that of President Furniss. He talked about the spirit in his talk (apparently) and I just wanna say that the spirit is so important. SO so so so so so important. We need the spirit otherwise nothing else matters. If you have the spirit things will go well. They just will. It's awesome! When we really take the time to get rid of distractions and things in our lives we get to hear the spirit a lot more. So as we live to have the spirit's guidance, always gotta focus on having our ears tuned to the spirit. So very important! But if we do, it is so very worth it and the spirit will guide us and help us :)
SO ya! I am excited to see you all. I will work probably next week (p-day) on the itinerary for our trip. Today we have a Zone activity and all so I am kinda lacking in time. BUT I promise I am getting things organized. It's gonna be fun to see you all!
Love you all tons. Like so so so Much! You're the best family ever. And you are all so BIG. Like you have no idea, I saw that picture of ya'll with President Furniss and I was just baffled. I know how big President Furniss is so ya, you all scare me. Big people. Weird.
Anywho, LOVE YOU
Josh (크라우더 장로)


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