Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MTC Week 7 (Days left in the MTC: 34) Bestdayofmymissionaverageaveragereallygoodawesomeawesomebadthenawesomeannoying.

Dear Familia/Friendila's (I thought that that was clever),

So this week is a...... different week. I am going to describe it as a series of comments for each day.

So the title for this week:

That is the title. Now let me explain why:

Tuesday of last week: Easily the best day of my mission. Elder Jeffery R. Holland came to our devotional and gave easily the best talk that I have ever heard in my entire life. It was amazing, I was just amazed at how wonderful it was to hear from him. He singlehandedly increased my desire to do this work like a billionfold (I am using some big words today, I'm feeling pretty good). I also got some much needed/wanted/appreciated mail which just capped the day off :).

Wednesday/Thursday: Just kind of average, you know, two highlights though: we did commit both of our "Progressing Investigators" to baptism and that has been awesome. Other than that not a whole lot on these days.

Friday was TRC again and I felt like I did really well. We taught another sister who to this day we are not sure if she was a member or not. I am still confused, but whatever the case, I am so excited to be able to speak and understand more of this language. It feels awesome. I did totally dominate that lesson though, Miller 장로님 was just totally out of it! So I taught what I thought was a really good lesson (Miller 장로님 agrees he just wanted to contribute more). He has been off since our zone leader who was one of his best buds here left. But he's coming back around lately so we shall see what goes down.

Saturday was just a boss day, just got things done and felt productive doing it all. It was awesome!

Sunday was testimony meeting and I had a great experience. It is really fun to be able to get up bear my testimony and then do it again in 한국말 it's nice :). Just a good day, good mission conference, good everything.

Monday was Bad to Good day. So ya, basically how that went down was like this: We have this sister in our district who was scheduled to sing in this performance thing for the Senior Missionaries. She asked the people when she got her invitation if she could bring her district. They said yes. So we came, we asked the Brother who was doing the door stuff, he said we could come, so we quietly snuck in the back and listened to her sing. WELL LET ME TELL YOU apparently we weren't supposed to be there. And the MTC presidency (who were seated on the stand, the only ones in the entire room who could actually see us and who actually knew we were there) were NOT ok with us being there. So they gave us the death glare, every single one of them (including their wives). After the song, President Nally came out and asked the sisters for our Branch and District. Ya...... we are still waiting for news on that, we shall see how that goes (but to be perfectly honest we were told we could be there so it's not like we are gonna get shot in the foot or anything, Presidency must've just been surprised. They are human I guess.......Oh well life goes on). If anything we'll get a stern finger wag and the "don't do it again" look and then they will forget we even exist (better yet they've already forgotten and when they reported it to our branch president, he thought it was an overreaction too, so he just threw it aside). Then that night, however, with Davis 형죄님 I had probably best learning experience of the classroom experiences. It was nice.

This morning however has been (and still is) annoying. We were scheduled to move into a different residence hall (because they are tearing ours down). SO we got up at 5:30 this morning to try and move before temple. So we get all cleaned up and everything and go over to the room to find out that the dang security people (who were supposed to move out like last week) haven't moved yet and so we are currently homeless in the MTC. I will have a follow up email with more on that story. STAY TUNED.

So now for your questions:

I have tons of opportunities to speak French because for some reason I run into the French Missionaries ALL THE TIME lately. For example, an hour ago at temple breakfast, who was in line behind us? The French Missionaries. Who turned around and started speaking French to them? I DID. :) so ya, just fun coincidences. However, this week it has definitely shifted. We had all-Korean Sunday and that was so fun. We didn't speak ANY English at all-haha-it was so crazy hard yet fun. Doing it every Sunday from now on :)

MTC for 6 weeks. How do I feel.... I'd like to go, but I want to have some more time to study Korean and get to understand before I am thrown to the wolves. That'll be an interesting experience. But ya I just am studying and glad that I am getting closer to going. But still glad to be here.

Not being District Leader is wonderful, I get to study more which means I understand more Korean and gospel stuff which means I'm a better missionary which means I can better help my companions and people around me to understand stuff. SO how do I like it? A ton. Do I wish I was District Leader still? No. Would I instantly take a call if it was presented to me? No doubt. I am loving it :)!!!

So as to whether or not I have seen people I know here let me tell ya all about that! So I see Elder Burr (Jeremiah) almost every other day. It's quite frequent, one of these days I should remember to get a picture with him, that'd be good. Elders Monson and Banks I don't see as much, but still I do see them now and again. It is just one big happy family. Elder Lang (Andrew... from college) took off for the field yesterday. Told me he had like 36 hours of travel or something like that. So that kid we ain't gonna hear from for a while. But hey, he is doing God's work so he'll be fine :).

I TOTALLY got the tie you sent me!! It is actually one of my favorite ties, I now wear it quite a bit alongside my green stripy one that I like and ya. So life is good there. Thank you so much; I really did love it. I am quickly discovering that a missionary is only as good as two things: 1) The spirit he carries 2) the Tie he is wearing. So in mission terms, my capabilities have gone up since receving that tie, so thank you :)

So getting my mole removed, hummm...... Hasn't happened yet. I actually saved this letter and went to go get on the shuttle to get it removed. BUT we ran into the huge problem of there is only 1 shuttle driver today and he is in Salt Lake.... Odd how the MTC travel office thought they could do appointments in Provo at 9:30 by sending the only driver to Salt Lake at 9. I'm confused. Just a confusing day. I will update you more on that later, well that and whether or not we ever get housing. So yes.

I love you all so much. I especially want to make sure my family knows that I love them. I miss you all a ton (not enough to come home though.... sorry.... that's not happening). I pray for you every night and especially last night. I hope life is going well. I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for you.

Also to all my friends, Thank you so much. Thanks for sharing your testimonies with me. Thanks for being patient with me, I know I can be a bit (ok so maybe more than a bit) of a bother sometimes (.... or all the time) so thank you for standing by me.

I want ya'll to know this church is true. It is amazing, it changes lives. It has changed mine and I wouldn't have it any other way. God lives. He loves us, he wants what is best for us, we just have to be willing to do what he asks and he will give us more blessings than we can ever want.

I did have a challenge for anyone who wants to take it on. I am going to read the Book of Mormon again before I leave the MTC. I am starting today. If anyone would like to join me it would be wonderful to have some other people plugging along with me. The last time that I read it I marked my scriptures to death, so it took a while. But I want to read the whole thing again so if anyone would like to support me in that I would love a husahh! :)

사랑해요!!!! 잊지마십시오!!! [I love you! Please do not forget!]

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