Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Only 13 days left in MTC!


Well, let me tell you this has been a week that I am glad is finally behind me. Oh my goodness gracious. It was a week I needed, but was not the most loved week. Gah so ya, these last couple of days, however, have been awesome and I can't even describe it. I just am glad to be still out here and working hard.

It has been so much fun. We got our natives this week, and to say the least they are hilarious. Oh my freaking heck. They are so fun. I am practicing so much Korean on them, I even had one of the elders who didn't want to listen to the translator just sit next to me during a devo. Those parts he didn't understand in English I was able to explain to him in Korean. Which I have got to say was pretty stinking cool, although it was a bit stressful at times trying to remember words and all that good stuff. But ya so I have got to say that is fun. I am loving life in a way I can't even describe right now and it is amazing that I have officially been a missionary for 2 full months now. That just boggles my mind. GAH!

I do have to say though with some fervor: I LEAVE FOR KOREA IN 13 DAYS!@!!~!~!~@#~$~!@~#$%~!@#$%^~@#$%. AGHGHHGHHHHHHGHGHHHGHH!!!!!!!! I WANNA GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

It is blowing my mind my district has been in the MTC for longer than any other missionaries (except those who serve here) in the entire MTC. I love hearing from those missionaries who are going stateside who are like "I am so sick of the MTC, I've been here for a week!" Then they talk to me or one of my companions and we are like... "Ummmmmmm we've been here for 10 weeks now" and that's usually the time that their outlook on the MTC experience takes a different turn. It's kinda amusing to watch that happen. But YA, so let's see what can I tell you experience wise this week that you don't already know about.....

OK here's one, I finally memorized the first vision in Korean! So in order to help me practice I'm going to write it out for you :) SO have fun!!!
나는 네 머기 바로 위에 해보다도 더밝은 빛기둥을 보았으며,
그 빛기둥은 점차 내려와 이윽고 네개 임하였다. 그 빛이 네 위에 머물렸을 때 나는 글로 표현할수 없는 광채와 영광을 지닌 두 부니 네 위, 공중에 서 계신 것을 보았다. 그 중 한 분이 내 이름을 부르시면서 나에게 말씀하시는대, 다른 한분을 가리켜 말씀하시기를 - 이는 내 사랑하는 아들이니, 그의 말을 들으라 - 하셨다.

Thank goodness that is finally over, I'm not sure if I put all the spaces in the right spot and such, but I do know this much, that was pretty difficult and if you just say it like I think I spelled it it'll work fine ;) JUST READ MY MIND GOSH. Well, ya let's see I shall now go to your questions. Madre!

Yes I did, get Kellie Belly's cookies. They were quite delishious (but I can't spell to save my life so it is easier to just say 맛 있어요!!!!) SO ya thank you so much for your support this last week it was quite nice! I love you all so much thank you!

Mother mother mother, of COURSE I will be watching conference, we already have a conference schedule and everything. I am totally stoked for conference. It is going to be so good! Probably just because this is the last time I'm going to hear it in English for 3 conferences. So ya! that'll be interesting if anything. Definitely cool though! I'm totally excited.

ANd lastly this last Ensign was SO good. Aghhhh! So ya Russell M. Nelson apparently really wanted all the missionaries to have one, so everyone in the MTC got one. :) And the only reason I know that Russell M. Nelson wanted us to all have one was because well.... he decided to come and talk to us about it. That was cool :) He's a really loving awesome guy! GAH all the apostles are so cool. SO to date I have had 3 talk to us: Jeffery R. Holland, M. Russell Ballard, and Russell M. Nelson. It was so stinking cooL! gah our church is just the best, I'm going to say that hands down. Sorry no arguments no complaints no nothing. It is just the coolest EVER!

This is my little basketball episode for dad this week: Seeing as how I have been playing much more basketball of late I have got some fun stories. So let's see, I'll tell you about the new kids who just came in going stateside. They are pretty stinking good, we have some pretty intense ball going on. Me and this elder named Elder Turney totally went at it the other day, he's about 5'8" but he's pretty quick. But he doesn't like the paint he prefers to shoot 3's so ya, contrast that with me 6'3" also pretty quick, but I thrive on getting to the paint. So ya, you can imagine how our battles go. I just keep him out of the paint and make him shoot, if he is completely on fire, their team will usually win by 1 or 2 points (Games to 7 1's and 2's) and ya. If not, we just destroy them haha. We actually got to play together once and it was just carnageI I would just drive, he would get open, if I had the shot I would take it, if not I'd just dish and he'd wreck shop from deep and I'd clean up. So ya, you'll laugh though because I have yet to find someone I can't do the little tip-away thing that I do. So that is kinda nice, good for making a statement every now and again. Oh, and I dunked over a 6'5 guy the other day. That was fun, he wasn't exactly expecting it so he didn't really jump all that high, he did every time after that though.... I wonder why :)

Now this part I haven't done before but this is my little basketball episode for Victoria because she is the only one who knows about this. Well ya, so when we were up at school and I was playing competitive, there was a game against this team called the Wildcats, and we straight up got DESTROYED. They shot like 75% from 3 point land on like 24 attempts so ya, and that was just the first half (I don't know if you remember this game or not.) Well ya, so in the last 10 seconds of the game, they had their center just camp and he went and just hammer dunked it with 10 seconds left just kinda to put the stamp on it. WELL that huge old guy is at the MTC right now. Not only that, but his companion is a Korean learning Spanish so he hangs out with us all the time. He is hilarious. But ya he's kinda a giant. It's kinda crazy. Small world in the church. Not only that but his companion knows about my apartment because we were so stinking loud in Fall semester (so ya, we had a reason to be on probation with the managers I guess, he heard us and he was on the other side of the apartment complex).

Well yes. That has been my week, I will just let you know what I had to learn this week.

Jesus Christ lives, he loves us, he really did Atone for our sins. I felt that power this week in a way that I can not even begin to describe. I know for a fact that we can be washed clean through the Atonement. I feel that power every day now, It is so amazingly real. I want so much to feel as clean as I do now ALL the time. I can't even tell you how wonderful it feels to know I am worthy to be doing this work. I am trying to bring souls to Christ, and I know that they can all feel the same thing that I did. It might be hard, it might be a little painful. But the end result is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I testify of our Savior and his love for us and I am so excited that I get to go and share this message. I love the Lord with all my heart and I know this gospel is true. I have had the Holy Ghost testify this to me and every time I testify I have that same witness. I am so excited to be a servant in His hands and I pray for his help. I testify of these things in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Love ya'll!
Elder Crowther!

P.S. - If you go onto LDS.org and Search BYU Idaho the song Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise, the third verse says this -"Arise and sing to his great name who died that we might live" - Really inspiring to me and a wonderful song. I love BYUI GAH!@!!!! One of the better decisions I've made yet!

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  1. I love you Josh. Your testimony is so inspiring and you are inspired my boys. Your example is amazing.