Sunday, April 8, 2012

Miracle Week/Conference Week

Weird how those two things always seem to coincide eh? Conference and Miracles. Wow, it was amazing.

Anywho ya! I just got done reading your letters to me and WOW. Tell Jenna it is not LEGAL to run miles that fast.... Actually... because Jenna SHOULD in theory read this... JENNA THAT ISN'T LEGAL! DANG THAT'S FAST!. Kellie ran the crazy race eh? That's way cool. So all of my sisters are just downright athletes and amazing.... And then there is my aging parents who are taking it upon themselves to try and run RIDICULOUSLY long distances in their "twilight years" (yes, I am giving both of you crap, you are in more shape than the Korean people and that is saying something because they are nuts) hahaha ;).

But yes, long story short this week was crazy. Started off last week like usual with P-Day and all and then on Tuesday I went on a split with Elder Lund (My district leader) and long story short he and I are going to be such good friends after the mission. Like I can't even tell you, we had SO much fun. We worked so hard but we just talked and stuff and it was great. He's a fun guy, I like him. Anywho, came back to 평택 and me and Elder Scoville just went right to work the second I got off the bus with him to last night. We haven't stopped. At all. And although it was hard, God really did bless us. It was crazy. We all of a sudden were able to meet with people and teach people lessons and it's like "WHERE DID THIS COME FROM!?" 

Needless to say, it was ridiculous. I was baffled, and that doesn't even begin to describe it. We just kept seeing miracle after miracle after miracle. They didn't stop. It was so cool, so we are hoping to keep the waving rolling this week and just keep plowing away and seeing success.

A big part of our success though has been our Bishop. And I cannot even tell you how cool it has been over the last 3 weeks to see him take the responsibility of missionary work upon himself and then to watch our Bishop magnify his calling in an unbelievable way. He is working SO hard. And he is going to drag the ward with him. I think the thing that has really been cool to me is to see how often he goes to the temple. Dang, it makes me so jealous. He goes to the temple every single week (about a 2.5 hour trip both ways by car) and he goes there with a purpose. It has been so cool to watch and has been a testimony to me of how important the temple is. I want to go so bad. But unfortunately the timer on the next time I can do that is similar to that of how long my mission is... So ya. 

Anywho.... Conference was AWESOME!

I learned so much (although I am still in the process of watching all of the sessions, I have them on my translator) I just can't even believe it. The priesthood session was so good. It was just all so good! I loved learning all the different lessons that the Prophets and Apostles have given to us. Especially about magnifying my calling. I want to be a good Missionary, I wanna be one SO bad. I wanna be a blessing to those around me. And it just starts with my loving everyone. SO as I am doing this, PLEASE! ANYONE!!! if you have tips or tricks on how I can increase my love for others. Let me know!

I love ya'll so much, I know this is true. This is God's church on the earth today. Thomas S. Monson is God's Prophet on the earth today. I know it. I love him, I love my Heavenly Father, I love his guidance that he gives me.

Love ya'll too :)
Elder Josh!

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