Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Day Before

What did you do the day before you became a full-time missionary? For Josh, it involved an 8am visit to the health department to get immunized against typhoid and meningococcal meningitis. After much debate back and forth these last 4 months, we finally agreed on Monday that I was wrong and he was right and he DID need these immunizations.

We followed that experience up with a trip to the Salt Lake temple. Although David and I were married there almost 21 years ago, I had never been through a session. We decided today was the day and had a wonderful time.

Josh headed next to open gym with Coach Travis and his Meridian buddies. One last basketball game (that was abruptly ended by a well-meaning, but slightly obnoxious ward member; an excellent opportunity to practice patience and forgiveness).

The final step was for Josh to be ordained as a full-time missionary. We went as a family to President Bunting's office and listened as he became "Elder Crowther" and was given some great blessings including a command of the language, the Spirit to be with him, and protection from serious harm as he follows the mission rules. He was also told that he had been prepared from the foundations of the world to serve this mission. Wow.

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  1. wow, what an awesome ordination blessing. i bet he will cherish those words out there. i had never been through a session in salt lake either, i loved it! i'm glad he got immunized, it would be a bummer if he had to be delayed because he didn't have them!!