Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mission Farewell

Josh has given me (his mom) the honor of being the official author of his blog, so I'll start with his mission farewell.

Josh spoke on enduring to the end, whether it be the end of your life, or the end of a difficult phase (such as waiting to go on your mission). He warned of the hazards and temptations that Satan will use to try to stop you from enduring well, like physical trials, deceptions, and other
voices. He told a quote that his dad says, "If you stop the messenger, you can stop the message." He bore his strong, sincere witness that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church and expressed his deep love and gratitude for his Savior.

Since we had both a mission homecoming and Josh's farewell that day, the chapel was full clear back to the stage. Thank you to everyone who came!

After, we had a get-together at our house. It was so great to talk and be with the friends and family that we love.
Josh with his Crowther grandparents. The Crowther's had a family reunion this weekend and nearly all of them were able to attend the farewell. We loved having them here!
Josh and one of our favorite families: the McCloskey's! Their son, Chase, went to school with Josh at Meridian from 6th - 12th grade and is now serving a mission in Brazil.
Josh and his mom and great-grandma (my mom's mom).
Josh home taught Ara and Carla Call for many years. They were so kind to him and part of the "village" that is the 14th ward. Josh calls Sister Call "the best lady in the ward." She is now Alissa's primary teacher and Alissa adores her.
Josh's delicious cake - sadly, he did not get a piece. It was so delicious and he was talking!
Our dear friends and former neighbors Rheid and Sherri Schloss. They lived by us in Spanish Fork and have known Josh since he was 2. They came from Colorado to be with us and surprise us!
It was a hot day! But the food was good and the friends dear.

Aunt Sharon & Uncle Bill Coach Travis Elder Crowther

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  1. such a cute blog kris! awesome to read about josh's exploits. keep it coming!!