Sunday, January 13, 2013

내 사랑하는 가족!! 오늘은 이동날입니다! [My loving family! Today is transfer day!]

Hey to all of you!

It sounds like it was a pretty crazy week for the lot of you! But ya. Just to start off the week I wanted to just give a shout out to the McCloskeys! I heard that Chase is coming home this week. 진짜 말도 안되.... Time can't have gone that fast. That's just ridiculous. It doesn't make sense to me. But ya let him know I love him and that he's an absolute stud!

As far as this week I got my phone call this morning for Transfers...

Oh boy... President is making me be a Zone Leader... Dangit... 이것은  부담이라고 합니다.....

I don't know what I gotta do... dangit.

Anyway, my greenie Elder Miller is going to be staying in the same area but he is trading companions and he will be serving with an Elder 김형우. He's really cool and they already get along great so that should be fun.
My new companion is named Elder Driggs. (Any relation to the Driggs in our ward?) he will be going into his 3rd transfer with me so we will have a lot of fun. I am excited but scared at the same time. Phew.... It is crazy.

This week we are trying to work harder with our members. I am a very hard working missionary but I have never been very good at member missionary work. So we set a goal and we are going to try and do that. Pray for us to know how to do work with the members please!

Anyway I am just plugging away. Days fly by and we are just trying to get as much done as we possibly can. I had a really sweet experience yesterday. I was at the church and I got a call from the Office Elders saying that there was a member from the 첨단 ward who wanted to refer me someone to teach. So I called and got to talk to 정은주 자매님 [Eun - Joo Chung, Sister] who you might remember is my recent convert who, as of tomorrow, has been a member of the church for one year. It is always so good to hear from her and to hear about 황성규 [Hwang, Sung - Kwy]. I love it. They are doing awesome and it is always so sweet to hear about the progress that they are making.

I love the gospel. It is so true, I can still remember that lesson with her and her son about 2-3 days after she got baptized. The spirit was so strong and we both felt the spirit. It was there. It was real. I will never forget that. The church is true, God lives and loves us, Christ is our Savior, if we rely on Him, we can obtain a greater happiness than we have ever experienced before.

Love ya'll tons. It is awesome to hear about the things that are going on. Life sounds pretty hectic but good. Stay strong. Remember the Gospel is true!

Josh (크라우더 장로)

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