Monday, January 28, 2013

와.......진짜 어떻게...그냥..​...글쎄요....​.ㅋㅋ... 그것.... 좀......

Inline image 1This is just another blur of a week to add to my mission. HOLY COW, it went by really really fast. With the coming of Elder Driggs and with everything that is going on this week we were PLENTY busy.

We have been meeting with that referral from 정은주 quite frequently. He currently is progressing towards baptism and things are going well. He unfortunately wasn't able to make it out to church on Sunday but he is still doing well and things are going really well with him. Love working with him a lot. He knows it's true. That's the best part.

Anywho, let's see what all did I do this week..... We worked..... a lot..... really really hard. Gah I don't know quite what all we did, it just kinda all blurs together. But then again this week blurs into last and last into last month and last month into the month before and so on. It is crazy.

It has been a fun week with Elder Driggs. We saw quite a lot of really cool miracles this week and it made me really happy haha. We worked hard, we were running between appointments because we had so many things going on some days. I'm discovering exactly how out of shape I really am Coach Watabe would whip my butt into shape but like I can't even run like 2 blocks before I'm completely out of breath and just dying.... dang....

As far as everything else goes though this week was just good. We are working on having a really good relationship with this ward. Of late I have come to think that I may possibly be in my last area.... I don't know God may have other plans but I think this could be my last one.... Kinda a sobering thought but it makes me really want to have these members trust. Really work with them and see miracles. We have been doing that of late and it is truly a blessing.

I didn't tell you what happened to me a couple weeks back did I? I don't know. But I have really been called to think about the importance of members. I was reading chapter 9 (back when I really was like killing myself to 전도 to people) and all of sudden I read the thing where President Hinkley was like: "Some of us may think about Missionary work as merely tracting. But everyone who is familiar with this work knows there is a better way. That is through the members of the church..." That has been so firmly impressed in my mind and I am just trying to help to strengthen these members and to help to bring their friends in the gospel. That is one of the things that I love about all these members. They ALL have friends. They all (if I am working well with them) can be helped to share the gospel. This week we saw some examples of that and it has just been so important.

I really have loved the mission so far. I was watching in the District a while back and one of the Elders says: "The last 3/4's of your mission is your time to shine." I hope that I have shined my entire mission but especially now, God has a work for me to do here. I pray to have the spirit and to be able to do it. Because I know for a fact that God loves the people here just as much as He loves people anywhere. He truly guides us.

He is just waiting for us to (again as PMG says): Say in word and deed "Speak Lord for thy servant listeneth". God guides us. If you don't believe me take a day and look back at all of the good that happened in your life. You will come to see, as I have, that God guides us every day. Sometimes through little things. But he truly does.

I love the Lord, I love the gospel. I love the people here. I love ya'll; my family. Love my friends, just ya. Hope ya'll know that :)

Happy Birthday to Jenna (I sent her an email separate) ㅋㅋ 생일 축하!!!! ㅋㅋ

Take care and have an awesome week. Thanks for the package btw mom :) I love the EmergenC. I ain't gonna get sick if it kills me....? haha

Josh (크라우더 장로)

P.S. this is us in the back of an ambulance on our way to a dinner apt with our investigator who was referred :) he's next to me!!

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