Monday, February 4, 2013

Yay family!!!

It has been an interesting week let me tell ya! It has been full of all sorts of ups and downs and has just been crazy. But the week absolutely flew by I have gotta say and this week looks like it's gonna just blow by as well. We are already busy and the week hasn't even started yet.

As far as things going on in our area, it's going well. We were able to do some good finding this week and actually found some investigators to teach! It was a good week I have gotta say. One of the guys that we found this week actually was able to make it out to church as well and it was so legit! He really enjoyed the meeting, liked the people and ya, it was good. He's got some potential which is awesome!

I have been working hard this week thanks to my companion. It was a hard week. I'm just tired. I wasn't myself this week which was hard. Attitude was wrong and everything so I took some preventative measures and now I'm great! haha. We had a good Fast Sunday as well. Although 장영준 (the referral from 정은주). Turns out that he is actually 16 years old and acts like it.

I forgot he wasn't an adult because he is so mature when we meet but then we get into a situation with his friends and he's so different.... weird... I guess I have to remember that he is just a teenager. Goodness. However, he is planning on being baptized on 2/17 so things are going well as far as that is concerned.

Our zone did great this week. We had a zone conference and it was great to get an opportunity to hear from President and Sister Furniss (we heard from the Assistants too but because I was translating for the Korean Elders/Sisters I didn't get most of that. When I translate it all just goes in the ears, converted, then out the mouth. As far as remembering goes... there is none/very little of it) The Spirit was there and this week, despite having a day all meeting together away from our areas, EVERYONE did great. It was so marvelous. The Elders/Sisters in this zone are working so hard and it is great. I am so grateful for them all. I have especially got two absolute studs for district leaders. They make my life so easy and it is just a straight up blessing to see the organization of the church just be an absolutely huge blessing. It's awesome.

I had a really cool experience this week in which my testimony was once more confirmed that I wanted to share. We were talking during Zone Conference and I got a chance to bear my testimony of how the little things (Reading the Book of Mormon, Praying Daily) (sometimes know as "The Sunday School answers") really do make a difference. God has said in the scriptures that "By small means are great things brought to pass." And I have seen in my life, the night and day difference it makes when we make time for the Lord in our lives. Somedays it may just not make sense. It may not be logical. Some days it may not even seem practical, BUT God blesses us when we do what he asks. It is amazing the peace that came into my life when scripture study and prayer became a big part. It is amazing. I don't know why reading a blue 500 some odd page book and praying even make a difference. But the cool thing is:

It makes all the difference.

I love the gospel. God is the best. 완전 짱! I love Him, and all the help that he has given me out here. He stands by us. He never leaves us alone. He is involved in the details in our lives. and the crazy thing is:

If we reach for His hand, 
He'll never let us down.

(I'm feeling kinda like, 감동 주고 싶다 Ya. I don't know how to say that any other way. Just ya. I don't know why haha. But there it is :))

Love ya'll tons, I heard about the week and sounds really good and at the same time, really hard. Know that I am praying for you daily (I say that a lot, I really do ya know?). I hope you can feel that.


내 사랑!

Josh (크라우더 장로)

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