Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another week!

Well, ya'll it is just another week in the mission field. I forgot that President Furniss has a default letter that goes home asking you all to help me focus. I should have warned you about that haha. Made me laugh to see that you had just gotten that, it is kinda crazy I gotta admit.

So ya all in all though this week was a week of TRYING to find. It hasn't been very successful. I have had Elders all telling me that it is hard to find in this area and seriously they weren't kidding. It is nuts. It makes things so much harder trying to work harder when I have no investigators, because as fun as it is to work hard, doing only finding all the time is tasking and to be honest kinda boring. But we keep at it!

This week though was just a starting week into this transfer. We got a chance to actually meet everyone in the ward and all and had the opportunity to give my 인사 말씀. So ya, said hi and all, it was hard. I have been having a little bit of a "fish out of water" kind of experience being in a different ward in the same 전주. It really is kinda messing with my mojo.

This week though I went on splits with Elder Jensen and we just worked hard and so that was fun. Got out and got to meet some people and that was nice and then we also got a chance to get out and teach a referral. He was so cool! had been to Salt Lake City and everything. It is so cool that the biggest family history library in the world is in SLC because all the people who study history find their way there at some point in time. It's so weird.

I have just been working hard though. That's all I really can do I guess. We just keep working every day and see what happens. Hopefully we will find a way to get this Ward involved in the work and get things going. Pray for me to find a way okay?

I did however have a crazy experience this week. I got to participate in a traditional Korean wedding. It was crazy. One of the members in 전주 ward had asked me before I moved to be one of the guys who helped him out. so ya..... I'll attach pics.... anywho.... it was pretty legit

Today I am going on splits with the AP's. It'll be fun seeing as how it is P-Day and all we are basically just going to be hanging out a little bit and then we will go out and do some more finding for a couple hours. Then the day after that I am going on another split with one of the District leaders out in District B (정읍) so lots of moving around right now :).

All in all though good week. Great to hear that Jenna graduated from seminary and this week she graduates from high school! That's crazy. I gotta say. Alissa is busy with soccer in the rain (keep at it sis!) and Katie is our little trumpeteer so that is always fun. Kellie sent me an email saying that she might get to go to Japan! That'd be crazy! :) but ya!

Love ya'll i'll attach some pics! Remember that I love you all and that this church is true! I love the gospel, I love Jesus Christ and am so grateful for his sacrifice for us. This is God and Christs church. I know it :)

Love love love love love love love you! TAKE CARE!

SO ya!! Love you have a good week

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