Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wow I can say that 100% without a doubt I did not see this coming!

Hey ya'll

So ya as the title suggests I have some interesting news...

I'm getting transferred.... WOW

It's not a big transfer seeing as how I am just going to the other ward in 전주 [Jeanju] city but it's a move and it is intimidating. I will be in the house with probably my best friend in the mission and we are just going to live it up... I am excited

This transfer is a big one for our little 전주 [Jeonju] zone. We are getting huge. There are a total of 2 more companionships coming to our zone with a companionship being made into a threesome. It is exciting. It is also fun to see that my "son" Elder Miller (the one I trained) is coming back to our zone! it is going to be fun. I know everyone in our zone and am just excited to have another adventure ahead of me.

This was a good week. Elder Zaleski and I were able to just get out and go to work. We have been teaching a lot of people and it is just good stuff. We were able to find 3 more investigators this week and 1 of which was a member bringing his student to church! It was way legit. So we totally pulled a member referral this week and ya! 

We also went to 대전 [Daejeon] and I got to see all of the missionaries who are going home this transfer (except for elder 구병모) it was really cool. I love all those elders, they are studs and have served honorable missions. I am so very very impressed with all of them and if we could just clone them and make more of them we would be set as a mission for a long time. They are amazing.

I realized this week that I still have a long way to go. I am working hard on trying to be better but it gets harder and harder because I feel like the things that I am trying to fix now are just more and more ingrained into my personality. So I am trying my best to kinda wrench those things out and fill them with good qualities. But it's hard... ya....

This week will just be busy with trying to get everything handed over to Elder Zaleski. He will be going co-senior here in 전주 and it will be really good for him. He needs a senior assignment. He'll progress a lot with it.

I will be serving with an Elder Lyons. He was in my zone beforehand so I know him a little bit but we will be working together and I am excited to try and help him out. He is a young missionary so I am excited to work with and learn from him. Just plugging along :)

Next week however is Mother's Day! I will do my best to find a member with whom I can skype (seeing as how I am in a new ward that could be a little bit of a task but I will do my best) but if I am unable to find one by about 8PM your time then just call me.

But hopefully I will be able to be on skype sometime before then. I will try to do something in the morning. :)

So at the end of Mom's email she asked me to Tell ya'll about something that brought me Joy... so let me think...

I think that the thing that brought me Joy this week was a meeting I had with our members last night. I went to a members house just to stop by and visit and I told them about my coming out on a mission and how that all went about. It was so sweet the spirit that was in the house. I was just so happy for the gospel and in talking to my companion afterwards it was so clear that the spirit was there. So grateful for it :)

So simple, read the scriptures, pray, go to church (willingly) if you do those things the change that occurs is SO real. I love it. I'm so grateful to my Father in Heaven for helping me to be better. Grateful for the gospel. glad I can share it.

Grateful for you all. Love you so much :)

P.S. I saw Sister Simonsen at the office for ZLC on Wednesday so I took a picture with her. Show it to the ward

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