Sunday, April 28, 2013

Well it has been a while! Not really

Hey family! How ya'll doing? It has been an interesting week for me out in the mission field and things are getting no easier lets put it that way.
I went on a split this week with one of our District Leaders. He is a stud and it was an awesome split. Had a lot of fun. Got to get out and just talk to people and just work hard. i liked not having to be the senior and like be in charge of things. It was really nice I have got to say. Sorry this email is a little delayed the things around me are all really loud and annoying. Our normal email place's computers are both dead (well the computers aren't dead but the DNS server is down for them) and ya!
It has been raining a lot of late. That is the only thing of any really big notice. This week was a hard week in our area I dropped a LOT of our investigators. None of them were progressing and I have just been trying and trying and this week I decided that I was going to try and find some more prepared people. So we are back to even more finding. The hard part about being in Korea is all the members have already been bugged for referrals for the last 40 years so.... ya. But still we are helping them get out and do missionary work. We did get a referral last week and this week in church one of the members said that there was someone he was going to try and refer to us. So thing are all in all going alright. We still have some potential in the investigators that we are teaching but ya.
This week was just a normal week though. Lots of finding and stuff so that was interesting. But to be perfectly honest there was nothing really all that interesting that happened this week. Just worked......
We worked a lot with our recent convert 장영준 and he has been being pretty good lately. He made it up to 서울 for his second trip to the temple to do Baptisms and it was way good for him. He said he had a great time and came back and met with us and we talked about him referring his family to the sister missionaries. It is good stuff! He is progressing so good!
So ya. Life is good. We are going to have a better and more interesting week this week (I am going to MLC, which used to be ZLC but apparently the prophet changed it recently so the sister leaders in the mission also meet with the Zone leaders and we all get to chat together) So there should be some fun things to tell you about next week hopefully. But ya I am just happy to be a missionary. Trying to work harder and harder every day. Finding I get more and more tired but I am never more happy than when I am out and working ;)
Love you tons. I am excited to see ya'll in 2-3 weeks  (mothers day :)) and so ya we will talk lots then. I am excited to be here :).
Remember that God lives, he loves us. This is his church and his gospel. It truly was restored in its fulness. I testify to that. God's church is complete I can promise you that!
Hope ya'll are doing well. It definitely seems like it! Let me know if I can do anything for ya'll back home okay!?
Love love love LOVE you!
Josh (크라우더 장로)

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