Sunday, April 14, 2013

HEY, guess what.... I watched conference​! It was awesome

Ya so like the title says. I watched conference. The last one of my mission. It was really good I had a lot of talks that to me were really needed I thoroughly enjoyed them.

I just want to start off by talking about this whole deal with North Korea....

Long story short, no problems at all. South Korea is safe, American news blows everything up way to big anywho (thats why I don't watch the news.... yes I finally found a legitimate reason!). But ya no problems. Keep prayers for the leaders JUST in case BUT like seriously no problems at all. You would think that at least the people in the country that is apparently "at war" would know what is going on. Ya, it's not big enough that anythings happening here. 

So ya, don't worry. And besides, 전주 is about the safest place I can be. The leader of North Korea's Grandpa lives here. I'm safe haha. 

But ya that's that. As far as the week goes it was good. We unfortunately dropped a LOT of investigators this week (like 5 people) and I am planning on dropping one more. It stinks to stop meeting people. Like it really does. But ya, I'm here to share the gospel to those that are ready for it. 



So anywho, this weekend was conference. I was so excited for the opportunity that I had to be able to watch the Prophet speak just for missionaries in Priesthood Meeting (like seriously that is what it was). It was a blessing for me and exactly what this Zone needed.

I have just been plugging along. Day after day doing missionary work. Get out work hard. Teach the Gospel. Try to help people come to Christ. Ya'll know how it goes. We have an appointment tonight with one of the guys that we are meeting that is doing alright. He is a little hesitant to progress but is still coming along. He came to church two weeks ago and unfortunately he didn't come to General Conference but hopefully he will be out this week.

I am just trying to teach these Korean People more and more. It is hard. Like it really is hard. People think differently, but people are people and that makes me laugh and happy.

장영준 is still happy and all it is fun to get to meet with him (and now some of his friends) they are fun people and it is just good to spend time with someone as awesome as 장영준 :)

I Love ya'll tons, I am so grateful for prophets that lead and guide us today it is such a blessing to my life. It was a blessing to hear the words that God had in preparation for me. I feel really like the whole conference for me. So ya. Sorry rest of the world. God took care of me during conference haha.

I love this work, it's truly God's work. We are bringing people back to him. That is our "quest" and it happens one day one small act at a time. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity of being here in Korea. Grateful for an inspired Mission President that guides our mission grateful for mom and dad to help me be able to be on a mission and being amazing parents and examples to me.

Love ya'll so much, I'm excited to get to see you soon!

Look forward to talking to you more next week!
Josh (크라우더 장로)


So this is the pictures of my pockets!
 this is where I keep my pen:
this is where I keep my planner:
this is where I keep my mp3:
this is where I keep my wallet:
this is where I keep my glasses rag:
this is where I keep my keys:
this is where I keep the phone:
This is my pockets! :)

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