Thursday, April 11, 2013

와 진짜.... 벌써 이렇게 되었내...... 어떻게 하지?

Wow, seriously I was reading emails today and just my mind is flat out blown. It is crazy to hear about all teh change at home and to get to see the pics from the Family Reunion. I downloaded them all and will put them on my mp3 for later viewing.

So like ya. This week was busy busy BUSY. We went to 대전 on Wednesday for ZLC which was a lot of fun. Just great to get to sit down with everyone and chat about stuff. Of course we do official stuff to but lunch time we just chat. Nothing more fun than getting to see old companions and old friends from the mission.

Speaking of which. I had a realization this week: I am a REALLY OLD MISSIONARY. Like seriously. I was looking at the pictures that I had lying around and I came across the picture from my first Christmas here and then my second. TOTALLY different. like 100% different. In the first picture. I know EVeryone, I was friends with a solid amount of them and worked with many. The second. I know seriously noone. Our mission is so big. When I came to the mission I think there was like 80 or something missionaries and we are currently at 115 missionaries in our mission. It is seriously unbelievable. Everywhere I look there are missionaries. We are everywhere. Good things are happening to. It is just exciting stuff. 

This week also we had a LOT of service. I farmed this week. We dug for about 3-4 hours then we moved heavy things for about 2-3 hours. That's about how it went. THe funny part of it all is that the day before a member called us out of the blue and was like "Come to my house and move 30kg (60~ lbs) bags of salt please" So we went and he had us move like 150+ of these things. Then the next day at farming the lady who's farm we were looking at had about 200 bags (20 kgs a piece) of like fertalizer delivered. So we had to move that (They made me throw it all over a fence because I'm tall so needless to say... I worked hard) 

Ya. Other than that we had some meetings with investigators (unfortunately this week our investigators are all preparing to take the TOEIC test so they are all busy) but ya. I am just excited. I love working here and things as far as our area go are going for the most part well. Of course some things that we can work on but we are doing well.

We are excited this week for General Conference for 2 reasons: (1) We get to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles (2) we get to take off suit coats! I am so extremely excited because I will not have to wear a suit coat ever again. I have worn it enough in my life (every day for 2 years is enough) so I will never again be wearing a suit coat.... not... haha.... I like the tons of pockets too much. One of these days I will take a picture of what I keep in the pockets of my suit coat. It's impressive like seriously.
All in all though things are going well. Just excited to do this work. Glad to be here but at the same time excited to hear about the fam and especially that I will get to see all of you soon. I'm not trunky but Elder 황 (Elder Hwang like the one who I served in the office with) started a tradition of reading the D&C backwards to read the D&C at least once before your mission is over and I started doing it too! Good stuff. I have never read the D&C from cover to cover so it is exciting.

Love hearing from all of you like seriously it is always so good to hear from ya'll I love coming to the computer and just having TONS of emails. Because I save them on my translator and read them throughout the day. It is so fun to just get to hear from ya'll and don't think that a SINGLE thing that you say I don't read because I really do copy EVERYTHING down :)
I love you tons. Remember that I know the Church is true. The Gospel really was restored by Joseph Smith. We have a living Prophet on the earth today and it makes ALL the difference. People don't appreciate that very much I feel but we are SO lucky to have a Prophet who receives revelation from God. It saves us so much confusion. And we always can confirm what the prophet says with our Heavenly Father and he will tell us it is true!
It's the best.
Love you tons! I will be working hard here look forward to seeing you soon!
Josh (크라우더 장로)

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