Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mission field + a new companion... wahoo!!

So... it has been a pretty interesting/good week. We were busy (Elder Driggs and I) up until thursday when he transfered down to  광주 again. It was sad to see him go and with out him here I am realizing just exactly how much he did. Elder Driggs is a good Elder and will do awesome wherever he is.

Anywho... my new companions name is Elder Zaleski (I think that I mentioned that last time though). He is a pretty dang cool guy. He also went to school at BYU-I (although we have yet to find that we know any of the same people) and ya. He is a way fun guy and has been a mission exactly as long as Elder Driggs has which is definitely fun.

It has gotta be definately hectic back at the Crowther home right now. With EVERYONE there it is gotta be loads and loads of fun. (Except for of course us delinquents) hahaa. I was teaching an investigator this week and he asked about my extended family and like how many people there are and stuff and I tried to count..... there is a lot.... like seriously it's not even fathomable to picture that many people in one house. Even if the house is as big as ours is......

This week was fun though. I got a chance to just take a week and work on our area (although I haven't actually studied for my own area in a LONG time) and it was nice. Just went to District meeting and all. Just a good normal week.

I had a fun experience this week in the which I got asked by the stake president (because we found ourselves at the church at the same time) to give a talk at Stake Conference....... this is called 중압감 [pressure]... Koreans talk a lot about 부담 [burden] but I have recently learned of the concept of 중압감 [pressure] and it is very much that. I am excited because I get a chance to speak for the missionaries in a stake meeting which is cool.... BUT it's in Korean and that's just intimidating so ya..... 진짜 너무너무 위협적인거야........ However I am up to the challenge. I am excited I just have to give a talk as good as Elder Driggs' last one and i'll be fine!

This week though as far as things go it went good. Elder Zaleski and I are going to be busy! Busy busy busy busy busy... I like to be busy. And I am hoping to in the near future figure out how I can more actively love my investigators. I found out that I drop into a habit of just teaching our investigators and don't love them enough to help them to progress. It is a fine line to balance: teaching/ focusing on the people and pushing ourselves through focusing on the stats. I've been a little bit more stats based lately and I need to be more focused on the people. So pray for me to find the balance okay?

All in all though time just continues to plow forward. It just doesn't ever seem to stop... somedays it goes fast others it goes slow but the for sure thing is it is always going forward..... Weird....

I am sincerely grateful to be on a mission. So glad that I am here. So glad for the few lives that I have been able to touch with my testimony of the gospel. Recently as I have been talking with Elder Zaleski he shared 1 Nephi 14:12-14 with me. Nephi is talking about how the forces of righteousness are few. I am glad that I can be a means of bringing 1 soul closer to Christ. It is frustrating when people don't progress but this week I am going to try and focus a little bit more on the people not so much the numbers and see if we can't help these people to make steps to come unto their Savior.

So grateful for the gospel. It's something that makes us truly be our best selves. And jeez it is hard to always be our best. But as I rely on God, not yield to the natural man in me, and continue to try and improve I know that there is nothing but miracles waiting to happen. 

I pray for you all everyday. (I've said that repeatedly, and I've also said that I've said that repeatedly repeatedly BUT I haven't said wait I just said before before so... :)) I am so grateful for my family. I love you all tons and tons. I am grateful for the love and the support that you show to me. I am looking forward to seeing ya'll and to being with you again :) I truly LOVE you tons!!

Like... 진짜... :)

이번주 특별히 연차대회를 잘 보시고 나에게 어떤 말씀이 제일 좋았는지 알려주세요! (Ask Uncle Scott to translate that for you because that one won't work in Google Translate... I don't think) [If you have any ideas for what to talk about at stake conference, that would be great].

Anyway like always

정말 사랑해!!!!!  [I love you so much]

Josh (크라우더 장로)

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