Sunday, March 3, 2013

This week... phew....

Hello Family!

First of all I have to start by saying 


I had a decent week culminating with a cold. It started off really good and as far as the things that we accomplished this week it was a decent week. It was a hard one though.

Our recent convert 장영준 is doing so good. He's an absolute stud and working with him is just the best. I love it. We are doing a lot of family history right now and trying to get him ready for the temple

 However I have had a hard time this last week. My mind was not 100% on my work. I felt like I just hit a wall this week. Then of course I had to go to the doctor and get medication because I got something that totally stopped me the other day. Still getting over that a bit BUT it is getting better which is a relief.

I have been thinking lately a lot, a lot about my family and ya. I guess you might just call this a good old fashion case of homesickness (didn't think you'd ever hear that now did you), but it was a hard week. I thought about how I have been trying to be my best self on my mission and I am definitely a better person for sure. But Lately I really just have not had that desire to be my best like I had before. It's hard. I don't know what happened there but ya I am going to see what I can't do about fixing it. Dad sent me a talk about Grace that was really timely as well as Brother Turner sent me a really timely letter from the stake presidency.

Long story short I am just grateful that God watches over me and is helping me to identify my problem. Gosh I know that I have said this before (I have learned that I am very repetitive) but God SERIOUSLY wasn't kidding when He said: "I will show unto men their weakness." and goodness gracious I have a lot.

It's March though and things are warming up here and pretty soon we will get to go to watch General Conference! I am excited. Also this week we have a mission tour with Elder Auiagi (Spelling?) and I have the rare opportunity of having a 1 on 1 interview with him before the meeting! I am really excited and especially considering the timing I am hoping to get some good guidance.

As part of this Mission Tour Elder Auiagi asked us to read all of Alma before the meeting and I just wanted to tell you the cool things that I have learned:

I read Alma 32 and 33 lately and I kinda discovered the cool role that the Holy Ghost plays in our lives. His role is HUGE. He is so important to our growth and to our conversion and to our investigators conversion and just EVERYTHING. It is so hard because we have to learn how to recognize that voice because it is one that very rarely presses hard enough so we can hear if we aren't listening. BUT if we are listening it is amazing the blessings that we can see. The Spirit can make us so much better. He can bless us with a testimony, with a witness, with comfort, with guidance (need I go on?), he can do SO much good in our lives.

We simply have to answer the question:
Am I listening?

If we are listening then truly the spirit will guide us. I can promise that. The spirit guides me a LOT. The coolest part though is that most of that I see in hindsight. I just have to trust that I am doing the right thing and that I am worthy. If that's the case, then the Spirit will be there!


That's the cool thing I have been learning of late.

I love ya'll. Keep me in your prayers this week especially. I need to experience once again that "change of heart" spoken of in Alma. My heart needs a lot of changing unfortunately. 

But ya. I love ya'll tons. Great to hear from you and hope ya'll know that!


Josh  (크라우더 장로)

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