Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another week in the mission field (Plus I started the D&C!)

SO it has been a really, really good week this week! I have been having an absolutely awesome time this week and we worked hard! I have spent the entire week studying about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and it has been pretty amazing to say the least. I have had the chance to really study a lot about my Savior and to get a chance to really feel a lot about how He thinks. It has been an awesome experience. I will be giving that training tomorrow to my zone (this training I am going at kind of like a district meeting training so I will be needing the Spirit's guidance) 

We have had a pretty amazing week. 장영준 our recent convert passed the sacrament this week and it was an absolute delight to be able to see the progress that he has made in his life and see the changes that have come. He also had an interview with the bishop this week and is going to be going with the stake up to the temple this weekend! I am so excited! We are working with him to try and get some names for him so that he can go and do some baptisms for people that he actually knows. Family history is so important (and slightly addictive) but at the same time Mom has already done it all so I am kinda jealous!

Anywho things this week were interesting. Just worked every single day! We had the fun opportunity on Wednesday to go up to ZLC in 대전 and got to meet with all the other Zone leaders in the mission. It is so weird. All of the people that were with me in the MTC are all leaders now. The mission is going to be changing a lot here in the not so distant future. We have a lot of missionaries coming in and the stress is going up for President and for all of us leaders to make sure that everyone is working hard.

Although this week was just good to get out and work. We didn't have a whole lot of things that kept us from just teaching and working hard. It has been pretty dang good. I have loved this week and I just absolutely love this ward. I am so SO happy that I got sent here to 전주. It truly is a blessing to me because I have learned and grown so much as a person and a missionary here. We had Interviews this week as well and I realized today that I will only have 1 more interview on my mission. It is really REALLY wierd like it totally blows my mind. 

In answer to some of your questions, Elder Driggs is going to BYU and yes, we still sing EVERY morning. In fact we also sang in church this last Sunday (I am going to take some videos of the 3 of us singing (Elder Driggs, Elder 김형우, and myself) we are really REALLY good, like Elder Driggs the guy who majors in the stuff says that we are really good)). As far as the scripture thing I think I can do pretty decently about that. Pick a topic and find a scripture. I can do that, I think? I dunno never tried. I'll try it sometime. In answer to some of Dad's questions things are going well this week! Like I said I am doing well, I am a lot happier and things are just going swell. I am really tired though. One of the members came up to me this week and was like "Elder, you need to sleep, you look really really tired..." Long story short. I am. But we keep going anyways. Zone is doing well too. I am excited to be serving here it has been great. This week finding went well, we actually found a family who lived in America for 20 years and have a daughter that is Jenna's age and a son that is Alissa's age so that was kinda fun. They are really REALLY diligent and faithful Catholics but they readily accepted the Book of Mormon and ya. I am excited to see how they do.

All in all I just have a renewed appreciation for my Savior Jesus Christ. He loves us so much. He suffered everything for us. And we all can through His sacrifice get back to our loving Heavenly Father. Love it. I shared this scripture yesterday and I really like it. Matthew 11:28-30. I know that as we come unto him like he says. That he will help us. He will guide us. He will give us the rest that we all so desperately need. I love you all and I hope you have a chance like I did to study a little more about the Savior. It has been a special experience.

Love ya'll! Take carE!


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