Monday, May 27, 2013

Well, I am on my way home

Well everyone Hello there!!

I told you all a little bit about my week and all when I called today but I got a second on a train and it has little pay to go computers so I wanted to shoot you an email.

So as far as the whole Visa thing goes I have my passport in the mail under Premium EMS service (about the Most expensive mail you can send here) and ya! It is going here and I will talk to the Furniss's about whether or not you need to send it back or if you can just keep it with you and bring it when you come. That could definitely be easier.

So ya

The trip to 서울 was fun but wet. Lots of rain and my umbrella broke. But fortunately a nice guy at the Travel Agency I went to gave me one. It turn out his kids go to BYU and he's not a member and knows nothing about the church but was friendly and saved me from a very very VERY wet day. So ya.

We have been working on finding lately with not to much success. We've literally tried EVERYTHING we know.... maybe... not sure but I think so

I have been trying to focus on being obedient and focused but I am finding it gets harder and harder. I think this trip to 서울 will be good for me though because I am so ready to just not think about anything but missionary work for a while. It really is relaxing to the soul and just is good for me. I need it.

The Zone is doing great to be honest. We had 2 baptisms this week! 2 people that are starting the "Enduring to the End" journey. Fun stuff I think :) We are currently trying to find someone that can progress and all but as you know. That is hard stuff. Definitely possible! But hard stuff.

All in all though just serving here in 중앙 Ward, Still Zone leader, serving with an Elder named Elder Lyons. He's a cool kid. Love him. makes my life a lot easier and happier. It's great.

Love ya'll! I really do. So grateful to be here in Korea (even though the immigration office bugs me a lot) and to be able to teach Christ's gospel. I am trying to understand it more and more. I need it so bad

Love you, love you love you

Look forward to hearing from you next week!

With lots of Love :)

Josh (크라우더 장로)

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