Sunday, June 2, 2013

Glad this last week is over to be honest...

Wow.... Ya...
This last week was hard. Just a lot of things to fix this week that took a lot of stress and a lot of phone calls and more than once on my knees asking for help. This whole missionary work thing is hard and it looks like God isn't just going to let me "get off easy" by just having a plain normal rest of my mission.
 Ya. Lots of stressful things in the ward, stressful things with missionaries, sickness, ya... Not cool. Just glad to be able to kinda slow down and email and all.
However this week as I was reading your emails I saw that you all have been praying for me! Especially that I would be able to find. Just wanted to say thank you and that yes indeed we did find this week. We were able to find 2 investigators through referrals from a member in the ward! The both of the investigators we found were referrals from the same man and the two are actually related (father + son) so it is cool.
This week however we just worked hard. We went to 서울 on Monday and then came back and just went to work. lots of 전도 and trying to teach people and all it was great. We were pretty much able to get through all the hard moments and now I'm just tired and ready for a nap to be honest. I did however cut my hair today! 1.5cm haha. It is nice and short once again. And if I was to show my hair to 장영준 he would laugh and tell me that my hair feels like a hamster. It's cute :)
I did however have my last presidents interview this week. It is the last one of my mission (until I have my exit interview with President 신) and ya it was weird. I don't know quite what to think about all of this but ya it's happening whether I want it to or not. SO ya!
By the way I did get you the information for President and Sister Furniss' "homecoming" talk It is as follows:
2013/7/14 12:50 PM
Pleasant Valley 5th Ward
I told them that all of ya'll would be coming so... guess you gotta go now.... :)
Love ya'll tons and tons. Hope you know that. So grateful for this work, it's true. I know it is. It's God's work and if we are faithful we will see miracles! Thanks so much for all of the prayers, I truly can not express how much I need them nowadays. I thought I needed them before. I think God is teaching me just another one of those hard lessons in life right now so ya keep them coming :)
Josh (크라우더 장로)   

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