Sunday, June 16, 2013

This week

Well, we have another week down! It is getting to crunch time in that I have literally 1 transfer left. We got our transfer calls today and I am serving with Elder Lyons till the end! So it is going to be a fun transfer. I kinda tried to like mix styles and stuff this transfer and be balanced between the lot of us but now I am just going to go all out. Like run to appointments. Run to this. Run to that.... Run everywhere.... ya...!!! :) We have time left so that'll make things easy but we are going to work our butts off if I have anything to say about it.
It has been another rough week. We had like no investigator appointments at all this week. It has just been way to slow for my liking. So we are going to find this week. We found some people yesterday that have some potential and this week we are going to get some new investigators and do this thing. But ya!
The Zone however is doing amazing! It is awesome. Like everyone here is just working their tails off and things are just going amazingly. We are finding people who are willing to be baptized and everything! So ya. I have already got my last training in mind and I will be probably doing something on teaching by the spirit. So it'll be nice to just work hard on trying to feel, listen to, and recognize the spirit. I have had some really good studies of late just studying how things need to be and I have learned a lot. The gospel never ceases to amaze me. We never are really learning things we don't already "know" but at the same time God just seems to take the things that we need the most and "bring them to our rememberance" right at the right time! It's great. So I have been learning a lot lately and hopefully we can have some good progress.
I took a look at my schedule for BYU-I this semester and it looks like it is going to be pretty intense. I took a look at all the classes and things and it's gonna be great but tough. I do however think that I am going to change my major over to CIT for my bachelors but if I was to like a Masters or something at BYU how would that work? Is that even how that whole process works or like what?
Anyways I think the coolest thing that I have had a chance to study of late is about prayer. I studied prayer in PMG then also in the Liahona that we got recently on how to improve our prayers and it just doesn't cease to amaze me just the things that we are expecting. Prayer is a hard thing to do effectively but it is SO very important. If we do it right though SO many blessings. I know that to be true for a fact! It is great. Love prayer. God really does listen.
I love Elder Hollands quote (repeating myself?) that the words: "Ask and ye shall receive" are the most repeated words in scripture. And the greatest part of it all! God wasn't kidding. He really does answer. He guides me on a regualar basis, he helps me to be better and he really truly helps me always! I can feel that!
But ya I would really reccomend the Liahona talk about how to improve our personal prayers. I learned a lot and am trying to improve. It is quite the amazing thing, prayer. I love it!
So grateful to all you at home, love you tons and tons. I hope you know that. I am so excited to see all you soon!! :)
Love my family! They are the best, in our house here in 중앙 we have had the ongoing thing for a couple weeks now of just how awesome eternal families are! We are all excited to be getting married but I am just excited for the family that I have now. It is awesome!
Love you all tons and tons and tons and tons! Let me know if there is anything specific that I can pray for you!
Josh (크라우더 장로)

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