Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well onto my last transfer!

Hey ya'll
It has been a fun week. We got out and worked hard and it was really good. felt good to just be out and about. I really had a great time and we had a lot of great opportunities to feel the spirit and to work hard.
This was actually a really good week as far as spirituality went because we had a special focus this week:
It was way awesome. We focused all of our studies and things on the spirit and trying to feel and share that with others. It was great because as we studied I felt the spirit a LOT. It was then cool to take that spirit out into the day and then kinda experiment with what I could do to keep that spirit with me. It was really quite the experience to feel the spirit that much. It was awesome and it is really kinda nice to be able to feel the spirit in the work.
However I discovered exactly how hard it is to keep the spirit RIGHT there with you. It is hard stuff. When we stop paying attention to it, it's hard to just feel it. Interesting how hard it is to stay focused on feeling the "still small voice" it is there. It definitley is there but the whole recognizing thing is the hard part. So we are working hard at trying to stay in tune lately.
This week though we got out and found! We found 4 investigators this week all of whom we are working with on a pretty regular basis now and one of whom we will be meeting with tonight. It is exciting! I like teaching people a WHOLE lot more than just senslessly 전도'ing all day long. It makes me feel so much more productive. I actually sent an email to my buddy Tyler (from BYUI) and we have been chatting back and forth about our missions. Says he can't imagine tracting all day. I was just like.... that's my life.....
Very different.
So I have not had a chance to see the broadcast about missionary work but I am excited to! We got permission from president and everyone in the mission will be watching it this Sunday at 4 (our time) So we will get to hear all about all the new changes and things. It's exciting I have got to say.
I like the course schedule for classes. I am excited about college to be honest, it's hard to think that I am excited to... study.... ya I know. From this kid that's weird. BUT ya! It's alright. I am thinking about how I ought to do things and all, maybe I'll ask a question. So say for example that I major in CIT and minor in CS, if I then went on to get a masters what all would that entail? I feel like a masters would probably be a good idea so... ya... but I don't know a whole lot, can you all tell me more about that whole thing?
But ya! THis week just feeling the spirit doing the work, working hard. It's good :) I like it. We are going to be busy this coming week too. We will go to 광주 for Presidents Goodbye tour then to 대전 on Thursday for training that I am conducting. I will be training the New Office Elder. It'll be fun. But ya! busy busy busy. I like busy.
Good to hear from ya'll I am excited to see you all soon! Time goes by fast and ya... before I know it ya'll'll be here.... (You like that you all will = ya'll'll I thought it was clever) but ya!
Study chapter 4 in PMG. I have had a really good time as I have taken my time going through that chapter!
I hope you know I LOVE YOU it is great to be here on a mission but I am excited to see my family :) Love you all tons! See you soon!
Josh (크라우더 장로)

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