Sunday, June 30, 2013

I turn 21 tomorrow!

Hey, guess what I am becoming official can go to jail if I do stupid things adult tomorrow! It's crazy!!!
AHHHHHHHHH I know right? Overdramatic?
This week was BUSY. Like really really busy but in a different kind of way. We didn't do normal missionary things this week this week was much more of an "administrative" week so to speak. We had P-day and all and that went well we had a lesson with one of our investigators and he is actually progressing! Like it is so exciting!!! AHHHHHH It just absolutely blows my mind we haven't had any investigators to work with and we finally got one progressing this week. It feels really good. He read a bunch of the Book of Mormon and things are going well.Tuesday we then hauled down to 광주 and met with President Furniss for his "Farewell Tour." It was fun I conducted the meeting and it was exciting. I also at that meeting in front of 3 zones had to give my "farewell testimony." It was.... weird. I felt so odd to be up there. Didn't seem real to me at all. But ya, we had a really good meeting. President Furniss gave us a lot of tips on life and how to do things and it was a really good meeting. I really enjoyed it.
We then came back had a normal day before we went to 대전! I went up to the office to help train the new SMMR and the new Financial Secretary. Spent two days up there doing that then came back down to 전주! It was a busy week with a lot of working hard just not a whole lot of meeting with investigators. We also had a stake choir competition? Ya it was fun we just got everyone together in the entire stake and sung hymns and other things that we have prepared. It was pretty intense I have got to say! We then the next day got a chance to get together and watch the whole "Work of Salvation" broadcast. It was really good! I am really excited for all of the progression to be made in missionary work but I am pretty much not going to be a part of any of it because They say it'll be implemented over the next couple of months and I don't have that much time left haha. But for the missionaries that will be serving then it'll be exciting! It is crazy how things are moving forward. It's exciting I have got to say!
I have been just working away though. I am planning this transfer to stay EXTREMELY busy. I like busy. I don't like days of just having to 전도 and contact. Like Elder Perry said, contacting for us in this day and age isn't as effective as it used to be. So the responsibility of finding needs to move to the members so we will see what we can do to help that actually happen! It's gonna be fun I have got to say :) We have a lot of things going on here and we have been able to find a little bit so it is good! We can teach some (if we had a day to stay in our area anyways) and ya!
So officially now our mission president has changed. President 신 is in the office and here and all and the swithc is being made. It is so SO weird. Like President Furniss just is gone. Just like that. It's so weird how this whole thing works.
But ya as far as this upcoming week it's gonna be similar. I am going on splits in 정읍 today and then we will be going to MLC on Wednesday(in 대전) and then on Thursday we go back to 광주 for a meeting with President 신 (welcome tour). So this week is going to be busy as well. It is crazy. But ya! It'll be good!
This week I am just grateful for the mission. For the awesome affect (effect?) that it has had on my life. Grateful to God for making this happen :)! God lives, the church is true! I know it :)
Love ya'll! Take care! We will see you soon!
Josh (크라우더 장로)

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