Sunday, March 25, 2012

Guess what... It's TRANSFER DAY

AND NO! I did not get transfered. Me and Elder Scoville are still together for another 6 weeks!

Which is really exciting because we are starting to get along pretty well of late and ya, it's pretty nice.

But ya, we had a pretty solid last week, we worked hard and saw some cool miracles and stuff. Had some people just randomly come up and say they wanted to meet with missionaries and stuff, but that unfortunately is not the way that ended up, BUT they are still on the horizon so that is alright!

SO yes, I had one experience that I kinda wanted to talk about a bit this week so ya. So we are meeting with this guy who is a Jehovah's Witness guy. And he is really nice and really awesome but I am very, very, VERY confused at humanity as a whole. Maybe just because I grew up different but it is just boggling my MIND! AHHHHHHHHH......... so anywho, we have been meeting this guy on Friday's the last two weeks and it is SO hard not to Bible Bash with this guy.... (It's all in English so I could go AT IT). But we try to apply PMG where it says to use the Book of Mormon to respond to objections. SO we are doing it. It is so hard..... LIKE we try and share scriptures with him out of the Bible every now and again because he is like "We have to use the Bible because your book is just a story..." So we are like ok and we go and show him in the Bible about some of the things we teach. But it is ridiculous to me. Because he is trying to convince us that he is right and he always while he makes his points just makes these bold claims and then is like "I can prove this to you out of the Bible but it takes time" and he does this like at the beginning of our visits and it's just like...... why not? Make your point. Please. (That is one thing that I still am working on, little bit competitive 아찍도 그래요....) So ya. So we shared with him last time we met 2 Nephi 29 (censoring out the "Oh fools" part so as to not offend him) and had him read the verses that just logically explain the reason for the existence of the Book of Mormon. But he's just like automatically REJECTING it because it's the Book of Mormon. So I'm like, WHY?! GHAHHHHHHHHHHH 왜 그래???????????????????????????????????????????

SO I got home that day and during my hour of lunch time, I finished the Book of Mormon again. And I gotta say I love the Book of Mormon. It's so true! Gah, I love it so much. I love reading it and I love how seamlessly it works with the Bible (of late I have made a goal to read all the standard works while on my mission so I am currently in Leviticus and I have gotta say the Bible times were messed up, man. I finally got through the 18 chapters of how to do sacrifices and am now learning what merits the death penalty..... If we still lived by the Mosaic law this would be some very different times...) ANYWHO. Ya, it's like, why would someone read about that rather than read the Book of Mormon? The Book of Mormon is simple, fun, complete, spiritual, 또한 다르게 해석할 수 없다! So it is the best.

But ya..... so I just want to add my testimony to that of everyone else. The Book of Mormon is true. Read it, try to apply it, watch your life change. It's that simple. It's what I did :).

God lives, He loves us, He sent His son to die for us. Through His Atonement, we can be made clean. It is so cool, I experience it day after day. Especially of late it has become extremely important to me to have hope in Christ. Hope in His Atonement.

He lives. I know he does. Satan would have us think otherwise, Satan wants us to fail. But if we are strong, if we truly want to repent, if we sincerly come before Him with that Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit, He WILL forgive us. I think the thing that I am learning now the most is that if He forgives us, it is up to us to forgive ourselves. A hard task. Harder than we might think.

But we can do it.

I love ya'll, I hope everything is going well at home!

Elder Josh

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